african tulip

in flowers •  6 days ago 

Good afternoon, health and wellness are my wishes for everyone who visits me. A few days ago I had the opportunity to go through a place where a tree stood out that, due to its clothing, attracted a lot of attention from everyone who passed by, as was my case.

It turns out that this tree was adorned with a very striking color, because its red flowers with an orange flash made it stand out and draw attention to the sight of all those who pass by.

In the investigations that I was carrying out, I came to find out that it is a tree known as the African tulip Spathodea campanulata, known in Venezuela as Santo Domingo mahogany or gallito.

It is also known as a plumber tree, because it has the characteristic of storing a lot of water in its flowers during the rainy season, which is used by birds for consumption.







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