Political Ponerology - An Incendiary Device - part 1

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I had intended to do this some 2 years ago. I got side-tracked. Back then, it would have been important; now, it is imperative.

The monstrous evil, and the bottomless stupidity, are driving humanity to the brink of genocide and a prison planet.

The human prey will already have stopped reading - by far the deepest stupidity must be a prey that doesn't know it's a prey.

I shall be going through the book, Political Ponerology, by the late Andrzej Lobaczewski - a book that has so far failed to be the canary in the coal mine, might still be the dissonant hammer-blow needed to wake up the prey.

"The book you hold in your hand may be the most important book you will ever read; in fact, it will be."

So starts the Editor's Preface, and this is no puff piece by a publisher. When I first read it, it struck me as the reality of how we could end up with Orwell's 1984 as our future, on the way to a totally sterile Brave New World.

It is so important, that very few people have read it.

This is what happens to truth these days - it is either buried or killed. When Lobaczewski was still alive, there were many free pdf copies of the book, including from his own site - a site that has now disappeared, replaced by a redirect to the publisher. The Wankipedia entry for the book has shrunk to a minimalist mention, while the author's page has disappeared.

Let us not forget that publishing is very much part of the elitescum pathocracy - books are the manipulators of knowledge - no book, no author, no knowledge. You may think they just publish trash, but it is a deadly serious business at the level of manipulating perceptions. Always has been, from the very first books.

From Red Pill Press, the only independent publisher willing to take the risk of bringing this book alive.

The first manuscript of this book was thrown into the fire just minutes before a secret police raid in Communist Poland.

The second copy was personally delivered to a contact inside the Vatican, only to mysteriously vanish.

The third was pieced together in 1980s New York by the last surviving member of an underground research team, only to be banned from publication . . .

Until now.

The "now" was 1984 for the Polish original, and 1998 for the English first edition. There is a newer edition, just published in March 2022, but with the author dead, I wouldn't necessarily trust it. I haven't read this new edition but it is mightily suspicious that it waited until the author could no longer profit from his labours.

You can still get a free copy of Political Ponerology - just go to z-lib.org and search for it.

You can also get an essay from the original editor, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, that seems to be an extended version of her preface to the book. Has some interesting insights into which chakras hit her hardest!

So, I shall be going through the whole book. I do not wish to spoil the fun by creating dry summaries, instead I shall copy and discuss some of the most insightful and powerful paragraphs. I hope the punches land in people's most sensitive chakras. This is nothing to the pain caused by abject ignorance.

I think that the mass media has done a good job in desensitising most people to the damage and horror done by genuine psychopaths. There are even books on the "wisdom" of psychopaths. I must admit, there is one wise thing - they totally don't give a shit about you. So how is it possible that few seem capable of defending themselves - or even reciprocating the the total lack of empathy.

Let me explain this as in as few words as humanly possible.

Psychopaths are human predators.

From their point of view, everybody else is fair prey.

The vast majority of people believe that such predators do not exist.

Even worse, the human prey do not believe they are prey, hence they fall prey to every psychopathic scam.

How many other creatures on this planet are prey but don't know it? How totally disconnected from reality can one get? How suicidal is that?

Hence, psychopathic predators have been able to predate on their human prey for centuries without that human prey even noticing.

Now, it's global.

Hence, we are here.

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For those interested, the 2022 revised edition IS AVAILABLE at z-lib.org, though only as an epub file.

"It wasn’t until I read Political Ponerology that I had any means by which to understand the etiology of totalitarianism." (new Foreword by Michael Rectenwald)

The notes to the new edition say that the main text remains largely unaltered - save for a few words re-translated - but that more footnotes have been added quoting works since the first edition.

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Wanted to add, for those like myself who don't wish to join a site to get the download, I found a copy one can either read online or download at archive.org. I downloaded it last night but haven't started it yet.

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Yeah, I also had troubles to find some books. I understand now why during the history how many times we see that they burned books. And even the authors disappeared for a reason. Now we have that with videos as well. Many of them were deleted during the pandemic and I know so many people who are not active anymore posting those videos.

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Many vids get posted to concen.org

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Thanks bookmarked that. Also, not working without VPN in Russia. They know what to hide !

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Have you tried tor?
Even some chinese can get around their firewall.
do torrents work?

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Yeah, some torrents are working, some are not. Maybe the most famous one are working. Usually when the website is working with vpn, everything there work. I just downloaded ''artificial intelegence and the end of human era'' and I already wrote about what I think about that here :

Haha, human will never be able to create another human. And the robot will never be better. We are too complex to recreate us. AI ? That's just an algoriths that's programmed I guess. It can't decide things for sure. It can do only what programmed for. That was my first lesson when I've got my first education about how to repare pcs. The teacher told us that the computer is stupid. I told him why ? I was surprised while thinking it's a super machine. He told me that the computer will never do anything if you'll not programm it. And we learned how to program a calculator with leds. If it's on it's 1 if it's off it's 0. And computers understand mostly binary langues. It's we think that when we type something the pc or the phone understand it as what we wrote. While it's just a combination of 0 and 1.

Replying to the follwoing post.

Still not sure if I'm right, but I would like to hear from you guys about this. I'm not a developer, the thing we learned in my first education is about the harware mostly. I'm not that good in soft.

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Tor is kind of slow here. I remenver intalling it many times and removing it. I heard something about bridges but didn't try that yet.

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Sounds like a must read, thanks for the tip.

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I saw a 'amazing polly' vid, and she was extolling the virtues of this book , quoting a few excerpts.... (not read,yet - will download from library and get on the case !).

Thanks !

Let me explain this as in as few words as humanly possible.
Psychopaths are human predators.

Must finish my book - 'caging the four'...
I think the % estimation for supposed psychopaths is too low (imo), at the 1-2 % mark.
From my own research, it's much nearer 4% for 'true pscyhos', but I also realize that sociopaths are just as dangerous -they just happen to 'pick up the genetic trait' , through life experiences.
.....pssssst- blockchain technology has the remedy for the psycho disease in the global world ( fact.)

Historically the rise of the psycho has been mitigated through local populations (self culling) - the global world prevents that mechanism from functioning properly....
I have the answer - and the tech is there - but peoples awareness (lack of), is not ready for it....but it's coming....then I'll finish my book !

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Yep, the current research is about 4-5%. Not all are apex predators. ;-) many are in prisons.

As an aside, did a search, and some papers, on how prey can sometimes attack their predators, either by force of numbers or size.

Also, the human-predators have had their own local gangs, so would often fight each other (using the prey as fodder) and one gang may be run out of town!

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...yep, it's the clever ones that are the real danger - they get to be bankers or politicians...and rarely see prisons.
....The dynamics haven't changed, but the lack of personal knowledge of individuals- due to the size of population centers- enables the predator to be far more anonymous than other time in history.
Not good.

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Any book can be used
To influence
Any Body
To do whatever. ...
Ultimately 🤬🥓

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Thanks for posting these interesting and salient thoughts.
I've watched this infowar develop for 15 years and done everything I can to help everyone else see it too. Amazing how many are still unable to figure it out, or on some level are still hanging on to their former failed ideology.
What is the symbol with the nesting primary shapes called?
Agreed on books (and any sort of communication!) being sources of propaganda, misinfo, disinfo, and elite control since the dawn of time. Information is weaponized against the people. Books (and other communication, like the internet) can contain knowledge and enlightenment, but that can also be used to deceive and manipulate. We must always do our best to seek truth and unravel lies.
Ignorance keeps the cycle going.
Sounds like it's a great "wake up" book. So many of those out there. Amazing they are always somehow suppressed enough that the globalist technocratic agenda rolls onward.

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What is the symbol with the nesting primary shapes called?

You mean the symbol in the image? Is an alchemical symbol - not sure it has a name - many sites seem to call it "squaring the circle", which it is certainly not. I could write a whole post about it, but in essence, it is the process of transformation and expansion - the symbol should be read from the smaller inner circle to the outer larger one, through the intermediate steps symbolised by the square and triangle.

The oldest version I know is from Atalanta Fugiens - Emblem XXI - https://www.alchemywebsite.com/atl21-5.html

I may have picked it up from Carl Jung, who was also impressed with it as a symbol of transformation.

Yes, great write up, and very much appreciated as we walk these last steps together...

Now that we have entered the '4th Quarter' of the Deep State's demise I have started to prepare for the influx of Lightworkers/QE Enthusiast's that our movement should be seeing in the coming weeks & month's.

Please feel free to add to the discussion & brainstorm session here --> New Jason Silva QE Dojo @ Turntable.FM and Possible Integration of BLURT? https://blurt.blog/ibor/@cleanenergygarro/new-jason-silva-qe-dojo-turntable-fm-and-possible-integration-of-blurt

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Brian Stelter Agrees... Birds Aren't Real...


Thanks for dedicating time and energy to this issue. I know that I won't read the whole book anytime soon, but this will help prepare me with important points from within each chapter you cover. I don't know who published the 2022 edition, but it has been Laura's team who has been dedicated to keeping this tome alive.

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Late Lobaczewski's methodology investigates the normal factors that lead to the proliferation of man's cruelty to man. Ethical quality and humanism can't long endure the predations of this insidiousness. Information on its temperament and its tricky impact on the both individuals and gatherings - is the main cure.
I will patiently be waiting to read all your post about it

Posted from https://blurtlatam.com

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Sounds like you've read the book?

Like I said, I don't wish to write a scholarly essay that could easily be the same 300 pages as the book. The book is there - I do not need to rewrite it. But, as so few people seem to have read it, these are kinda "advertorials" pointing to the original.

  ·  last month  ·  

sorry, comments in stereo again!
Yes, with the wiping of the website, the pdfs, the various entries incl wankipedia, also, no copies made on the wayback engine - won't be long before the book totally disappears.

That only happens to really DANGEROUS truths.
(see dead scientists too)

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We have been led to believe that any regular person could suddenly become insane and start shooting up schools for no reason, maybe even the guy next door. Yet we cannot imagine that persons who are essentially removed from human society by their vast wealth could very well be psychopaths with plenty of reasons to get together to murder and maim - more money, power, and fame. I'm looking forward to your posts on this book. Thank you for doing it!

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No, those are NOT the actions of psychos - psychos are not insane.

I think I shall start to use the term human-predators, as it is far more accurate description of the mind disorder.

Yes, another term is needed because words like psycho and psychopath have been bastardized, and redefined to redirect attention away from those who do not want their masks to be unveiled.

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It's an insights from laura's preface. Is some years since I read the whole book that I'd kinda forgotten that preface.
There is also a clear obfuscation between psychopath and sociopath.
I want people to move away from the Hannibal Lecter and American Psycho movies!

Going back to your theories of cycles, they can now be looked at just like predator-prey equations ;-) Those equations are cyclic, but also have feedbacks, so cycles need not always have precisely the same periods. ;-)

It's an insights from laura's preface. Is some years since I read the whole book that I'd kinda forgotten that preface.

I did not know about the preface, but over the years, she and her crew have brought it up very often. Now I know why, because they were the ones who resurrected the tome. I had begun to watch a very old interview they did with Lobaczewski, but I cut it short because his English was really bad, and I do not have the patience to hear new concept, that I am not that familiar with, expressed in bad English.

There is also a clear obfuscation between psychopath and sociopath.

Yes, I have heard of the distinction. The psychopath is more of a human-predator on the individual level, whereas the sociopath we can say is a humanity-predator.

I want people to move away from the Hannibal Lecter and American Psycho movies!

Again, I believe these Hollywood interpretations are intentional, so as to confuse the public with regards to what psychopathy really involves!

so cycles need not always have precisely the same periods. ;-)

In fact, the generational theory is not rigid when it comes to timelines. I have been thinking about that interview I saw, and am thinking that perhaps what Lobaczewski observed in his research may be that the 200 year waves he noticed throughout history may be as a result of a double saeculum in which the Crisis Season of the second dip brings us into a Pathocracy. It's just a theory for the moment.

  ·  last month  ·  

Like I said, the predator-prey equations might work really well here.
All that was needed, was to reinterpret master-slave relations into predator-prey! ;-)

I also think a third sub-species is needed - the observers - those who do not play the game, and nobody listens to until is too late, but are often the source of the next cycle.

There are such 3-way equations used in game theory - of which predator-prey models are just one branch - and I've read papers of them being used to simulate bubbles. The interesting part is that the sane minority cannot stop the mass delusion - be it mass psychosis or mass greed - unless they form quite a high percentage of the population - would have to look up the numbers, but from memory, was something like 15-20%.

The more I look into this, the more I see that the Natural Life Energy model is really needed to add more clarity to these issues. I don't know if the book Who Are You Really? can be found online. It's out of print. 🥺

  ·  last month  ·  

What are the 7 categories or types? I've only heard you mention 4 maybe 5.

  ·  last month  ·  

It has been preying on my mind for two years - I hope it will be good - won't be daily, but as soon as I hit on an explosive paragraph! There are many, from memory. Is a long and very dense book, so have no idea how many posts it will take.

As many posts as needed; especially if you get a positive reaction from your followers. It is an important and timely issue.

  ·  last month  ·  

Will be patiently waiting for it too

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The Event 201 website had to add a disclaimer = this was a simulation and NOT a prediction.

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LOL and then as if by magic hey.

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Thank you for lowering the tone! lol

This kind of magic...

Now that's cheating! 🤣 Absolute fucking classic! 😎 Along with War Pigs! 😉