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If you're still unaware, there is a new blockchain-based social media platform called Ethergram. The frontend looks exactly like the Steemit frontend, it includes the blogging site and the wallet. It's Steemit-clone. However, like any other fork or clone of Steemit, the community that's backing it is different.

In Ethergram, all your data from Steemit is also wiped out and so you have to sign-up for your username if it's not taken yet.

Here's the link to the sign-up page:



One thing that impressed me the most is the simple and fast signup process. In less than a minute, you can already have your Ethergram account. Almost immediately, you will be given a pdf file that contains your keys.

From there, you may already log in to the blogging site.

The liquid coin is called ETHER while the staked token is called ETHER POWER. And as you may have expected, the stablecoin is called EBD.

Here's the slightly confusing part, ETHER is listed in Hive-Engine but with a different name, it's called REAL. You may check the trading activity through these links:

Hive-Engine: https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=REAL
LeoDex: https://leodex.io/market/REAL

What I noticed is that the volume has improved since yesterday, from $25 to $50. Although it's fairly small, I think that it will improve in the coming days as the traction improves as well.

I'm seeing familiar faces that are participating. I think the network will improve in the coming days. So, if you still have the time and motivation to join this new network, just pop in and say... Hello!

The founders and community members are friendly ;)

My journey to the world of crypto.

NFA: Not Financial Advice!


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