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It's my 2nd day of activity in Ethergram and it's been good so far. It may be too early to assume that this new platform will do wonders in the future but I have a strong hunch that it would. The more I learn about Ethergram, the more convinced I am that the core team is thinking beyond the box.

I read a post from Mark (co-founder of Ethergram) in which he mentioned that Ethergram welcomes reposting of the old content from another platform. That's a good sign of a welcoming community. And it seems that the dedicated curators for Ethergram are already geared and ready to curate content for the platform.

In his post, I expressed my affirmation of this move because I think that content has to remain buried somewhere. If there are new curators that are looking for valuable contributions to the network then I'm more than willing to share my relevant content with Ethergram.

Another innovative strategy that they implemented in Ethergram is the EBD (Ether Backed Dollar). In one of Mark's posts, he mentioned that EDB will not be awarded on posts and that they will do their best to maintain the peg of 1 USD per EBD. At this point, they will make sure that every EBD printed into circulation will be backed with an equal amount of USD. I'm not yet too sure about the implementation of this strategy and so it will be interesting to learn w=how it goes in the future.

On a separate topic, I noticed that one of my posts has garnered a potential reward of more than $17. It prompted me to check whether there is liquidity that will be able to absorb it if I decided to sell them in the market.


I did check on Hive-Engine and I'm astounded to learn that the 24-hour volume shoot from $50 USD to about $11,000 plus USD.

It appears that someone bought a big chunk of $REAL tokens even at a premium price.

Right now, the price difference of the buy and sell orders has a huge difference. I think someone should look into that potential market-making opportunity for the $REAL tokens. At this period, coin flipping could generate sizeable profit if the traction continues.


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