Friends 'better than morphine'

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People with more friends have higher pain tolerance, Oxford University researchers have found.

The researchers therefore used pain tolerance as a way to assess the brain’s endorphin activity. If the theory was correct, people with larger social networks would have higher pain tolerance, and this was what their study found. Friendships may really help take the pain away!

Friends 'better than morphine'

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That's why it's easier to expose of humans in big groups in a extermination system ,.. for shared pain is only half the pain ,.. has nothing to do with network or friends . It's how a herd of sheep would react going towards the slaughter house ,.. it's not so scared as entering this place all alone .

Believe me ,.. i know pain , living it ,.. all alone most of the time ,.. refused all medicine , drugs and operations to "reduce" it by taking away the alarm bells . And now after years ,.. i own my pain ,.. it's part of me ,. and i didn't end up in a wheelchair hooked up to a morphine pump drooling and staring at the sealing all day , like they predicted i would .

If i could wish myself a super power ,.. it would be the possibility to make others experience my pain at the spot . It would be enough to walk towards any goal i desired , for no human will be able to stop me while in agony of my pain .
But i can't , so i keep my pain private and to myself , as it's mine and i gotta own it to keep going in my life . It's my most annoying private property , that no one want's to trade with me or be constantly reminded about as an excuse for free rides .