What is our role in protecting the environment?

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The amount of terrain on our planet is fixed. But the number of people living on this earth is not fixed. As the days go by, the total population of the world is increasing day by day. As well as increasing human demand and the quality of comfortable living. And that is why our environment is being affected.

The more we improve, the more our thinking changes. And our needs are changing. We all know that our needs are met by nature. And that is why nature is being polluted directly or indirectly. For which we are directly or indirectly responsible. As we are consuming many elements of nature for our comfortable living which is a threat to our near future.

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In fact, along with environmental pollution, our minds are also getting polluted. Due to which we are destroying the environment of such a beautiful nature given by the Creator and destroying the elements of nature. Due to which we are suffering directly or indirectly. For example, as a result of application of pesticides on land, many fish are dying in the river and our waste is being dumped there, polluting the air and causing natural disasters. Which are the result of our actions.

For example, in some parts of Bangladesh, floods occur almost every year. People lost their homes and places of worship in the floods. Who is actually responsible for this? In addition, natural disasters occur in different parts of the country every year. There are some countries in the world that could lose their land at any moment. Who is responsible for this? Honestly, our luxury and empower us! From luxury air conditioners to refrigerators, to televisions, we are using many essential electronics products that are regularly radiating and raising the earth's temperature. There are also various industrial plants that emit a lot of radiation. Moreover, we have a lot of daily necessities in which the use of chemicals is scattered. And these chemicals always harm us.

We are being harmed by the pollution of the environment. This is having an adverse effect on our health. Many plants are dying and animals and birds are disappearing and many aquatic creatures are dying under the sea. So we all need to think about our environment and be aware. If we are not conscious of protecting our environment, we will not be able to survive on earth for long. In the near future, this world will become uninhabitable for us. Just as our earth will be destroyed because of our bad deeds, so will the possibility of our comfortable life be destroyed. So we have to take the first step to save the environment. We must remember that the combined action of all will be beneficial for our beautiful world. That is why we have to change our lifestyle. Need to use environmentally friendly technology.

If we want to make this world beautiful and tidy, we have to be aware from now on and we have to work from our own place. We have to ask ourselves how much role we are playing in preventing pollution of our environment. Let's make friends with the environment to keep it beautiful and make our future world beautiful.

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