Earning 20 DTube Coins per week with comments on D.Tube

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The Dtube coin is around 10 cents at the moment.

I’m earning about .5 DTC with every comment on Dtube.

So about 20 Dtube coins $2 USD per week with my Voting Power set at .125%

If Dtube goes back to $2 that’s $40 per week… $160 per month … just from comments.

If you have a good conversation over there you can earn quite a lot of DTC.

It adds up…

Are you on Dtube ?

The trick is to have around 4,000 DTC and let your Voting Power build up to 5 Million.



Dtube Price: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/dtube-coin


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I should increase my engagement level, it is almost 0 :(

I make zero from my videos but tons from my comments … even with my VP set at .123% ….
Dtube rewards people who comment on top videos. Give it a try …

I had to try a lot of experiments to learn this Secret.

Great to see that you have 6 million power with yourself. I also had 2 million today but used them up for posting on dtube.

I guess we know each other on different chains already. I hope dtube goes back to $2 and $3.

I will share my earning stats after 18 days as then i will compete one month experimenting.

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I find that I earn very little when I upvote videos even with 10 % … so it’s better to spend 14 k VP (.123%) and get 1 DTC

You told me how join Dtube, I tried it but couldn't get succeed. Can you explain it again?

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Step 1: Create a D.tube profile …. Https://D.tube