Cosmos Validator for DIG

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We are now a validator for DIG fully managed by @Yehey [ Witness / Validator ]. Looking forward to serving the DIG community.

The current block heigh is 16888. See sample details below.


~/dig# digd status


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We are so excited to share this news to our visitors. More projects to follow.

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Thanks, voted and reblurted!
Just a note that my criteria of "personal and original" content includes those whose skills are in building digital constructs. :-)

Thank you for sharing your thought.
Cheers to you.

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I'm away from my PC right now, so no access to Discord, but "VotingPower": "0″}" says you haven't activated Validator yet.

You are still missing the command:

digd tx staking create-validator --amount 1000000udig --from YOUR ADDRESS --pubkey 'YOUR PUB KEY' --commission-rate 0.1 --commission-max-change-rate 0.1 --commission-max-rate 1 --min-self-delegation 1 --chain-id dig-testnet-3


I will check on it.

Awesome. Congratulations. I’m not a tech guy at all but Dig (Real Estate NFT’s) sure sounds awesome… I can’t wait to buy some coins. #dig

This is a different platform (cosmos), still learning too.

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Yes… I’m very happy with my Cosmos (Atom) investments so far … earning 10% APR + up 500 % this year. Very Nice returns on the Cosmos platform. Thanks to Jacob’s advice to set up on Cosmostation… we have all done very well.

Great for you my friend. I have few coins with Cosmos, not enough to retire in remote area of Canada just like you :)

I only have a few also … but my best investment in many years.

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Ok… I already have a million wallets why not one more … send me the link and I will set it up.

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My validator now also runs on a Raspi with the help of Doti.

Excellent. We will rise together :)