URGENT: 48 Hours Left to Stake BLURT and Claim DIG!

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Dear Blurt community,

The Blurt foundation brings amazing news, as some of you may know, @jacobgadikian and I have been developing blockchains on Cosmos as the Notional validator, relayer, and development team. Notional currently validates on nine Cosmos chains, with plans to expand to all eighteen, while running the largest IBC relayer on the network.

Please check our Github repo at https://notional.ventures and follow our Twitter at https://twitter.com/notionaldao.

The very first chain to launch is https://digchain.org, you will see Jacob and my profiles on the Digchain launch team page. When we said we would build chains and airdrop on the Blurt community, we meant it!

Airdrop on Blurt attested users

We have been able to secure a deal with Digchain, where approx. 2.33% of the 1.8 Billion initial supply will be airdropped on Cosmos wallets of attested Blurt users. Please see my previous post for instructions:


And @saboin's post for details on how to check if your account is properly attested:


Approx 41.94 Million DIG tokens are to be claim dropped on the Blurt community, presale prices of DIG have been capped at around $0.03 USD and post-launch direct sale prices will be set at 0.05 USD (subject to review), which means the Blurt community (attested accounts only) will be airdropped almost $2.1 Million worth of tokens!

Claim drop will be on a stake-weighted basis so if Tom has 6K Blurt Power and Mary has 4K Blurt Power then Tom will get 60% of the DIG tokens and Mary will get 40%.

In addition, validators that participated in the testnet rounds will be receiving an equal share of 2.5% of DIG initial supply, with a further 7.5% kept in custody to give out to performant and engaged validators over time.

Delegators on Digchain will earn 33% APR, but initially, the actualised APR should be higher while users are still in the process of staking.

Rapid Mainnet Launch

Initially, the launch was going to be in January 2022 but presales of 400 Million tokens are almost sold out and the buyers want their coin! In addition, there are property developers across two countries wanting to list real estate developments to the combined value of ~$450 Million.

In light of the above, we have been instructed to launch the chain as soon as humanly possible. I envisage a 48-hour window until launch, but it could be earlier or a few days later - Digchain should be up on or before Halloween!

So please if you haven't attested, please do so, only Powered Up BLURT will count so please do power up. If you need to purchase BLURT to top up your holdings, please visit probit.com, ionomy.com or hive-engine.com.

Here is a community post with instructions on how to buy BLURT on Probit:

Also if you use Hive-engine.com you need to bring BLURT back to the native chain via the @blurtlink service.

Viewing your DIG balance post-launch

If you followed the attestation instructions, you should have a Cosmos account in your Keplr chrome extension wallet. This wallet has several chains, but Dig isn't listed yet, so to add DIG and derive an address from your main Cosmos address please do as follows:

  1. Sign in to Keplr wallet
  2. Visit this link
  3. A popup should appear that with a Chain Add Request asking you to approve adding Dig to Keplr wallet, click "Approve"
  4. Wait for mainnet launch and check your balance post-launch

Please note that airdropped and team accounts will be on a 24 month vesting period, unlocked daily in a linear fashion.

There are also other chains we are working on to launch between now and March 2022, at least one or two more may agree to airdrop on Blurt so there has never been a better time to buy and hold Blurt.

Key takeaways

  • Attest your Cosmos account via memo to @cosmosdrop account on the Blurt blockchain as soon as you are able
  • Power up the Blurt you want to be eligible for the claim drop
  • Validators (witnesses) please report to the Digchain Discord for launch.

Please enjoy the DIG buffet, it's on us!


Ricardo Ferreira
Blurt Co-founder
Notional Founding Member

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For those of us reading the above post post 2021, you can add DIG to DEPL in 2022 by clicking on the option available via this link https://look.chillvalidation.com/dig/staking

hi @megadrive I am a new user on blurt. I was introduced to blurt by one of my friends, I am very happy to know blurt, I ask for your help 🙏

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Dear sir,

I have a confuse. If i delegate all my BLURT POWER to Blurtbooks from now, can i eligible for DIG airdrop?

Question here:
I did all my attestation long ago,
also I installed keppler and connect the DIG blockchain, i Have powered up Blurt so... why I did not get any DIG yet?

Hi, Dig hasn't launched yet, likely a few weeks away still, the founding team is still finalising presale customers for genesis. we have extended the attestation period for another week, please see my latest post on my @megadrive blog.

Hi megadrive! I think you are a great person and you have a lovely heart. So I can expect help from you. I request you to see my blog and help me with your priceless upvotes.

Hi Nazir, welcome to Blurt, we are pleased to have you. I would recommend finding a network of people who are new like yourself and grow together, supporting each other. I know it's tempting to go after the big account for votes, but small accounts can become big one day too. Creating a network effect around yourself is extremely powerful and will have long-term sustainability.

I am new blurt user so please help and support me. That's why I want to be a big user . please please please vote me.
Blog like

Hello, thank you very much for the information, thanks to @saboin you can verify my account, but when I checked my wallet in keplr it told me an invalid password, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, I notice that my wallet address is different from the one I had already sent more than a month ago, so I sent this new address, is it correct what I did?

Yes. That's what you should do. If you check again at https://cosmosdrop.blurtwallet.com/@estebanuto, you should see your new address. Whenever you send from the same account, it will just update to whatever you sent last.

Just make sure that you save the mnemonic seed in case you need to reinstall Keplr so you can have the same Cosmos address when you reinstall.

Thanks friend, what seemed strange to me is that when I reinstalled the wallet it did not ask me for the seed key, it only asked me to enter the new password and that's it

Combinig Blockchain and Real Estate is a great idea

HACKER ALERT: They are hacking multiple accounts in blurt from the @richardman account which makes transfers to the @probitblurt account both accounts without posting activity are only using the wallet at the time that were extracted 7 blurt from my account to the account of @richardman I was still sleeping, at the same time were extracted several amounts of different accounts ...

If you suspect dubious activity on your account please update your password.

When is airdrop?
I check everyday my wallet. Cant wait :)

Hello. Is still open to enter?

I hope se, love this community initiaves

Yeah, still open we haven't finalised the snapshot, we are trying to be as inclusive as possible.

Wait for mainnet launch and check your balance post-launch

Is this going to take a while?

Waiting for further directive from the customer, will inform when I know more.

did all this just now and joined, am i not too late?

The client has delayed the launch for a small bit while they obtain genesis addresses for presale customers so we will keep collecting blurt attestations in the meantime

I just completed the steps.... hope am not too late?

Still in time :) I will tell everyone when the snapshot has been closed off

Thanks for the opportunity, let's #buidl and rise 💎

Great work..

I've downloaded the mobile wallet app but I don't know how to add Dig

I will be glad if anyone can help me

Hi, Dig can be added only to desktop Kepr chrome wallet

Okay let me go and download the extension on my laptop.

All steps are completed by checking this link https://blurt.blog/cosmos/@saboin/check-your-cosmos-drop-attestation-status
Would anyone please let me know?

Looks good to me


Yes. You're done. You can check here:

How do I know that I have finished all the steps? Please hep me ?

Many thanks and gratitude to you. You're putting a lot of effort and love into Blatter. However, I had some problems for which there was some distance between me and Blart, but now I will try my best to spend more time on Blart. I hope your big giant ship named Blart. That ship will give us the gift of a much richer future. And I don't want to miss the ticket on that ship.

I completed all steps, Thank you so much to provide this opportunity for us.
Best for luck for your future projects.

Thank you. It worked!

Sign in to Keplr wallet
Visit this link
A popup should appear that with a Chain Add Request asking you to approve adding Dig to Keplr wallet, click "Approve"

And I have no confirmation.
What to do?

No popup? Try disable ad blockers and some of your chrome extensions that may conflict.

If still not working, go to Chrome extension manager page chrome://extensions/ and find the Keplr extension, then click "Details" and enable Incognito mode for Keplr. Go into an incognito window and visit the link again

I did everything.
Now it works) Thanks for your work friend)

Lovely am glad it worked out!

you should have a Cosmos account in your Keplr chrome extension wallet.

Amazing updates, keep up the good work
My question is, is there a mobile app, for those that are using phones?

Keplr has a mobile version, there is also Cosmostation app which is really nice, but I don’t think there is a way to add Dig just yet.

I think I am in.

Hope that I am not late.

Nope not late yet!

Hi friend time to not known about you,

I wanna start with these projects as well, but I could not join to cosmos I’ve send the address to @cosmosdrop but nothing happens!

If you can offer me guidance to start with ill be so grateful 😃

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This is so exciting my heart is racing.

As soon as I saw you and Jacob in the "Dig" page I knew there was something big. Thanks for sharing a piece of the pie. And thanks for Saboin for keeping us in tune.

I guess we cannot add dig now to cosmos, but we should do those last four steps after the drop to view our dig balance?

This is going to be fun.

I got this site when I clicked the link. Some how I don't think that is right.


Sweet, glad you are excited! Ah, ok so that site should give you a popup to add Dig to Keplr, disable any adblockers and try even run in incognito mode, you may have to go into the kepr extension details and enable it to work in incognito.

Thank you. I see how it works now.

I've done the instructions like the one in this post. I am very happy to be in this Blurt community. Salute to the developers. There are always new innovations from them. The signs of Blurt shine are starting to become apparent....

Done! , thanks so much for the cristal clear instructions @megadrive, no way of not being able to do it easily.
I have not much powered up compared to the main early users and my resources don't go further but is something at least so thanks so much in advance for all.


I added Dig to Keplr and cant wait to see how many Dig I will get and when..

@megadrive , @jacobgadikian , @saboin
Thank you very much for your great work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a problem. I need your help. I can't add it with my phone. Here just show the add to desktop option.
My laptop broke a few days ago. How do I get the task done over the phone?


You can use kiwi browser...it supports extension

Hi, you need to install the Keplr Chrome extension on Desktop, no mobile support for adding Dig yet.

Excellent news @megadrive!, added dig to my kepler wallet just now!, 48 hours or 10 days it´s an small amount of time for this reward!, by the way....what countries are participating with real state on dig?

Can't disclose the countries yet :)

Hi, @megadrive,

Thank you for your contribution to the Blurt ecosystem.

Please consider voting for the witness @symbionts.
Or delegate to @ecosynthesizer to earn a portion of the curation rewards!

Metaverse taking a shape .Its awesome to see the team is so up to date with latest trend . Metaverse has huge potential to change the people lifestyle . Its lovely to see @megadrive is bringing more value to blurt community.

I am set up on Cosmostation… will the dig be deposited there ? Also… if I have delegated about 30,000 to a few Curation Projects … do I get Dig for the Blurt Power I have delegated ?

Hi, yeah the Dig will be deposited to the Dig channel of the Cosmos address you sent in memo, you need to however, to add the Dig chain you need to do it on a Desktop browser but will still get your coin either way.

Delegated Blurt makes no difference, we only take into consideration actual owned Blurt Power.

OK ... I upgraded to Keplr wallet and followed your Instructions.... attested my new address to make sure.

Congratulations, your post has been curated by @r2cornell-curate. Also, find us on Discord

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Good morning,

Thank you for the update. I have a few things to clarify with you please.

  • Could you pin this post like many others are. We have a lot of people migrating over from Hive due to the toxic down voting, and it might entice them to buy some to power up, although unfortunately many of them will be forced to go through the powerdown, missing the opportunity with most of their stake there.

  • I notice the link you provide is not a secure link. Are there plans to encrypt it in the near future?

not secure.png

  • I notice that there is an x next to Digg once it is loaded in the wallet that is not next to any of the choices in the wallet. Is this because it hasn't officially been added to the wallet yet by Keplr?

why the X.png

My final point I would like to share is for those who are using the Keplr extension on Google Chrome. Chrome does NOT delete your information such as cookies and such although it pretends it does when you go to do so. You will need to use an independent method of deleting those cookies and other tracking information once you are done with the Keplr wallet setup to ensure that nothing is being stored on your computer.

Many thanks to you Megadrive, and to Jacob as well (and whomever else might be involved) for creating this and bringing us with you. I've said for years that on other blockchains the creator always wanted those from the existing community to buy in to be part of the new community. Thank you for not viewing us as something to discard unless we pony up more money again. It speaks volumes to the ways different creators view the communities they create.

Thank you for the support, good vibes and as always practical thoughts. :)

So the post had been pinned, I had to wait for someone to do it for me, cause last time I did I broke condenser :) I can do it but would rather a dev do it incase something goes wrong.

Thanks for pointing out the issue on the http, I have requested ssl on that, not sure how soon will be added as we are busy with launch.

No worries about the "X" that is just for user added beta chains which you can remove if you don't want it anymore, I have plenty of those


Awesome, just need to link dig

All done cosmos attach and dig also added showing 0 balance ?

The chain is not launched so no airdrop happend .

Is this a 1:1 airdrop (we will get the same amount of DIG coins as we have powered up)? Sorry if I missed this.

It will be stake weighted based on your stake compared to others.

You get so many dig coins as your wallet is worth in US Dollar

I have a quick questions, will the drop be based on the total amount of staked blurt or all blurt account that has blurt power will get equal shares?

Hi it will be stake-weighted, the more Blurt Power you have the bigger slice of the pie you will get.

Okay, Thank you for the clarification. I will need to get more blurt powered up to get larger share.

Is there an easy way to get blurt transferred from hiveengine to here? I find it easier to buy it on there than ionomy.

Hi yes you can use the @blurtlink service, but Blurt is selling at a premium on Hive-engine, Ionomy and Probit have the best prices, also Probit gives us the best visibility across all indexers like Coingecko. Hive-engine doesn't at all.

Thank you kindly for the info.

However, to transfer from hive engine to Blurt, use the transfer option and send to blurtlink with your username as the memo.

Have you tried buying on Probit? It's quite easier buying there and the transaction fees are way cheaper too.

No, never heard of it before, thanks for the info.

You can download the app on Playstore for Android phones, or visit the website directly. Don't know if the app is available for iOS, perhaps it should be.

I made a post explaining how to trade on Probit cheap and easy here.


You are a legend, thank you.

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Hello @megadrive

Good post

You are saying the same thing to everyone, try and engage a bit more personally, show that you read the content they posted, by engaging in conversation related to their post.


I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. I said it was a mistake.

What country are you a citizen of?

I know why?

I recommend writing posts in your language for the benfit of the Bangla community, I think you could do well in your own language.

ok thanks you

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