Beautiful world under the blue sky [ SKY photography ]

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Hello friends, how are you all? I hope you are doing very well. Like every day, I came back today with a new blog to present some new work to you.

There are so many types of scenery we see in our way of life. We see so many types of scenery that play a vital role in our peace of mind. There are very few people in the world who do not like landscapes. Which fills our minds and hearts with peace


Who doesn't like to look at the open sky when the sun's heat is low? The blue color of the sky gives peace to the mind. However, many people use the color blue as an analogy of pain.

Whatever it is, peace or pain, but why is the color of the sky blue? Something else could have happened.

There are seven colors of light in the sun. These seven colors of light have different wavelengths. This is because of the wavelength.

The shorter the wavelength of light, the higher its scattering. This scattering of light is when a wave of light falls on a very small particle, then these particles scatter the light wave in different directions. That is, scattering depends on the wavelength of light.

The spectrum shows that the wavelength of blue light is shorter. When sunlight falls on the fine dust and molecules of the atmosphere, the sky turns blue due to the abundance of scattering of blue and the surrounding colors (purple, celestial).

But if there was no atmosphere on earth, there would be no color in the sky. In that case the sky would be black or dark.



How beautifully the Creator is for us on earth, by His grace we sit on this earth and enjoy the various sights. When you look at the sky with a thousand tensions, you will see that everything is fine, everything will feel different to you. In order to relieve your fatigue, you will sit in a quiet place in a quiet place and look at the birds flying in the sky. I don't know why I feel a little better and start working which is not possible to buy even with thousands of rupees



When the blue sky is transformed into a cloudy sky then the mind seems to be silent. When the rain falls from the sky a little water then it feels good to see everything like blue sky. The blue sky is actually a means to make the mind feel good and the cloudy sky takes on a form that feels best to harden your mind through rain when you have a lot of trouble in your mind.

I've been thinking of creating this amazing sky picture and a blog with you for a long time, so today I am presenting this beautiful picture and some words. I don't know the words of my mind. I don't know


How beautiful is the Creator How beautifully the Creator has arranged this world for us How beautiful is the beautiful flower in this world How beautiful is the beautiful scene arranged for us Whenever we get in a bad mood when we take the natural scenes into our minds then the Creator All our troubles will be removed by gestures

There are so many beautiful flowers in this world that we can see that you have some amazing flowers. You can see so many beautiful flowers in the internet that you have never seen before. There are many things in the world




Many people like the night sky a lot. Many people get a little relief with their choice. Many people can sit on the veranda at night with a cup of tea in their hand and look at the sky and enjoy the colorful scenes. Then the red blue green green light makes the sky look more beautiful in the light. The stars around the moon look as beautiful as the mind gives us a gift from the sky so that we can have peace of mind.

Thank you all very much. You have read my goal very well. I hope to see you again later. But if there is any mistake in my work, you must forgive me. I have tried to present to you as much as I can. If there is a problem then of course I expect your cooperation so that I can put these problems away later and come before you with good deeds.


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