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Bei meinem heutigen Spaziergang habe ich ein paar Fotos gemacht, hier eine kleine Zusammenstellung wie es gerade grünt und blüht.

On my walk today I took a few photos, here is a small compilation of how it is greening and blossoming at the moment.


Keine Sorge, wir gehen nicht über sieben Brücken, hier gibt es nur diese.

Don't worry, we won't cross seven bridges, there are only these here.


Schmetterlinge sich auch reichlich unterwegs, sogar ein Pfauenauge kommt geflattert. Den hätte ich gerne vor die Linse bekommen, doch er hatte leider andere Pläne. Na ja, ein anderes Mal.

Sein Kollege war aber gerne bereit kurz Modell für uns zu stehen. Dankeschön!

There are also plenty of butterflies, even a peacock butterfly flutters by. I would have liked to get him in front of the lens, but unfortunately he had other plans. Well, another time.

His colleague, however, was happy to pose for us for a short time. Thank you!


Vor ein paar Tagen lag noch Schnee und jetzt haben wir knapp 20 Grad.

A few days ago there was snow and now it's almost 20 degrees.


Zum Abschluss noch ein Selfie ;-)

Finally, a selfie ;-)


Unglaublich was so ein bisschen Frühlingssonne ausmacht, vor einer Stunde sah ich noch so aus:

It's incredible what a bit of spring sunshine can do, I looked like this an hour ago:



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Thank you so much,for your gift

I was happy to do so.

Oh I almost lost your beautiful publish, really your walks are very beautiful. I like everything she saw.

Hey schönes Wetter bei uns schüttet es schon seit zwei Tagen wunderschön bei Dir und die Alpen schneebedeckt im Hintergrund, Herrlich !
Bis denne, maybe bis nachher 😉

Hello @michelangelo3, you made me more excited to go home on this post. Those trees, stream and butterflies I missed them so much.

At the moment, I am here at my quarantine hotel in the Philippines already while waiting for my swab test result.

Oh, you're back in the Philippines. Fingers crossed that you can get out of the quarantine hotel soon.

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Hello, friend @michelangelo3 you have here a nice publication congratulations, I like the standing hairs of the animals lol it makes me laugh.
I would like to invite you to know this idea that I had some time organizing and finally came to light.
I invite you to read @newvisionlife I would like to know your opinion and that of the community, which I hope they can participate.

An interesting project, maybe I'll find the time to write a post one day. Because of course you see things a little differently at every age. One of the most pleasant things that I became more aware after I turned 50 is that you don't take things so important any more.

Good luck and enjoy your project.

This would be a great contribution, to be able to appreciate the vision of a man and his experience after 50 years and that he can see clearly that some things are no longer so important but others begin to take on great value.
I would love to be able to read you and it would be a pleasure, I hope you can cheer up and share with us.
Good vibes.