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Erstmal : Frohes neues Jahr!
Wir danken euch allen ganz herzlich für eure Unterstützung!
Wir machen natürlich auch im Jahr 2022 weiter!

First of all : Happy New Year!
We thank you all very much for your support!
We will of course continue in 2022!


Weiter geht es auf der Baustelle.
Die Mauern mit den Rissen werden erneuert.
Da genug Spenden zusammengekommen sind,
kaufen wir jetzt noch zusätzliche Eisen, die dann eingebaut werden.

The construction site continues.
The walls with the cracks are being renewed.
Since enough donations have been collected,
we are now buying additional irons, which will then be installed.


Die Kinder wollen natürlich auch helfen und tun das auch.
Die Schulen sind seit Wochen geschlossen.
Geplant ist, daß sie am 10. Januar wieder öffnen.
Allerdings ist die Omikron-Variante auch in Uganda angekommen,
sodaß der Schul-Lockdown vielleicht doch verlängert wird....


The children, of course, also want to help and do so.
The schools have been closed for weeks.
The plan is for them to reopen on 10 January.
However, the Omicron variant has also arrived in Uganda,
so the school lockdown may be extended after all....



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Hi mam!
Hope you're quite well!

I have explained what I learnt from previous year in my recent post and it is also a entry post for a contest. You may check out it!
Here is the link:

Nice Post!
Good Luck!

Thank you very much!
May you live thousand years!
You're astonishingly pretty!
You're absolutely beautiful hearted!

It's a good thing that the house building work has progressed a lot, the house are being made much faster. And helping the little childrens at work, that's nice. Omicron variants have spread to many countries, taking a very bad. Our university may close at any time, because Omicron is spreading around us and many more people are being attacked.

Yes, that's the same with Omicron.
The concern is that parts of the infrastructure could have problems if too many people are sick at the same time....
We will see...

All the best for you!

Good luck to you too. You will be safe and careful. Take care of yourself and your family.

Happy New Year @elkezaksek We are honoured to have you in africa. The work you are doing is profoundly great. Thank for helping Bosco get a home
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First of all, I congratulate you on the occasion of comming New year.
I noticed in your post that hard work is real life.
This post encouraged me a lot.

I am glad to see all the progress that the construction of this home has made, which will be the cause of many joys.
In December I made a second transfer to you, to collaborate with a little affection to the Bosco family, which goes with a lot of love.
You are a special woman my dear Elli, and I am delighted to meet you.
Good vibes.

I hope that sometimes in the future we can meet us in person...
That would be nice!
Good Vibes!

This is a good dream that I would like to fulfill. I have in my mind to be able to share a cocktail on your porch to be in front of a beautiful view. I would love that.

Happy New Year ! Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. Peace and Blessings.

Thank you!
Also all the best for you!

Great work @elkezaksek. It's pretty beautiful how the house is coming along. At least, the cracks will now be fixed and that's what counts. Now, the house and its construction can go ahead solidly.

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Thank you and all the best for 2022!

Nice to see the constructions going ahead rapidly,
Firmly hope Bosco and his family will live in the house very soon.
Thanks for this update!

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Thank you and all the best for 2022!

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Happy new year to you @elkezaksek whishing you always in a good health and happy.

Hopefully the construction of the Bosco house can be completed soon.

Thank you!
Happy New Year!

Happy New year ! Welcome to a season of celebration and victory ! It’s good to see the progress of work on this house. This indeed is a massive project . I call it a “life changing project” .
I imagine what life would have been for Bosco without this powerful intervention. Indeed, heaven knows how to send gifts of hope to a vulnerable people .
God bless the benefactors of this project . You are in my daily prayers .

Thank you very much!
Yes, for Bosco it's like winning the lottery....
Happy New Year!

I agree with you . It is . I can only imagine the excitement in him and those around him .
Same and best wishes for the New Year .