Dcrops a new opportunity to have fun, play and earn

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most of you already know it or at least you've heard about it
i really don't know how many of you are involved in though
i'm talking about DCROPS the new HIVE-blockchain NFT card game
when i say new ,it is 3-4 months old if i'm not mistaken, still in alpha stage

reflink : https://www.dcrops.com/?ref=funnel

there is a fever right now for NFT based blockchain games, this is true
there are so many of them out there you have no idea which one you should play ,which one is the best in rewards, which one entertains you the most ,which one has less fees in transactions etc


the point is we live in HIVE ecosystem, in HIVE blockchain, so we support first our home and then the rest of the world
this is the reason i'm encouraging you to be involved in Dcrops
i'm not saying it will be successful as Splinterlands, nobody can guarantee this ,nobody knows the future of the game
but it is built in our home-blockchain, the enviroment is familiar

the game itself -as said above it is in alpha stage- is not too complicated at the moment
you have your seeds...you plant your seeds...you wait till they mature...you harvest them
that was it
after you harvest your Crops you can sell them for shares
at the end of the season which lasts 15 days depending the amount of your shares you get CROP token rewards
yes CROP is the ingame token which is trading at the moment in HIVE-ENGINE


nothing too special about it yet, nothing too complicated, clean work
you are a farmer and you look after your crops
it is not time consuming and this is what i like the best about it

of course the main concern of every user out there is 'how much can i make out of it'
well this should NOT be your main concern, your priority must be to have fun playing it first and then how much you make, at least this is how i choose my games but the majority i know this is what they ask first so let me give you some numbers out of my experience till now


i am a small-time farmer , i got in the first day, i bought some boosters and begun my farm
i invested 16 HIVE ,i bought 8 boosters
till today i have got out of the game 6 HIVE
don't try to focus in these numbers but try to get the bigger picture
i believe this ROI is very nice...don't get yourself confused, i'm not talking about my account value
i'm talking about the cryptos i got out of the game...my account is still there and believe me its worth right now is much more the 16 HIVE i paid to get in

we are waiting many things to come...art upgrade, HIVE rewards, quests the game is at its very beginning and i hope it will bloom one day
do you think it can sky-rocket like Splinterlands??
do you believe it will fail?

no matter what you think we will be here to see from the inside..
if you wanna be part of it you can register here through my reflink or if you hate me you can go straight to dcrops.com and get your account there!

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