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''well, there was a time a game called Dcrops launched in HIVE blockchain
the first series of alpha booster packs were offered for $2 per pack and the small community back in the days managed to buy all the packs in a period of 5-6 months''

all clickable links are ref-links

i believe guys this is how we are going to talk about Dcrops in 2-3 years time from now
yes,the truth is that our beloved first series of packs is SOLD OUT
no more alpha packs
of course you can still buy them in secondary markets like the HIVE-ENGINE but you will pay at least double the price

for those STILL don't know, Dcrops is a farming NFT based game in HIVE blockchain
you get your land, you get your seeds, you plant your seeds ,you wait your seeds to mature and then you harvest your Crops
easy as that
the game has 4 season like in real life, every season has a duration of 15 days and you can plant different seeds in every season
i wish i could persuade you to get on board now that is really early but i know i can't
my belief is that Dcrops is going to get big and that is the reason i support the project

one very good feature which you should know is that by holding Dcrops assets you get CROP POWER
this power translates to daily HIVE dividends straight to your wallet
did you get what i said?
if you hold at least 20.000 in CROP POWER you get daily dividends in your wallet

an alpha pack holds 2000 CROP POWER so just by holding 10 packs you are eligible for daily dividends
further than that all your seeds ,your lands hold different values of CROP POWER which of course accumulate to your final power


there are new upgrades to come and new features as daily quests to implemented
we anticipate to see all of these changes coming alive
i am really happy i was involved in Dcrops since day 1 so i watch the development of the game from the inside

i wish everyone happy farming, get your accounts strong and who knows
one day we can see the game mooning
anyone of you wants to participate can use my link here https://www.dcrops.com/?ref=funnel
or can open an account without my link here https://www.dcrops.com/

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