Video Presentation: Why Cybersecurity is Not Fixed Yet

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I recently presented to a small group on why cybersecurity is becoming more difficult over time, despite all the money and effort that is being applied. Sharing a replay of the presentation where I discuss cybersecurity history, root causes, shifting landscapes, persistent mistakes, industry struggles, attacker’s advantage, how the worst is still to come, and show a framework that has some merit for future optimization.

Chapters are listed below, for easier navigation

  • 00:00 Talking about my background (boring! — skip this)
  • 01:31 Root causes of cybersecurity
  • 02:17 History of the changing landscape
  • 03:33 Chain reaction cycle
  • 04:01 Big data factors
  • 06:05 Tech convergence
  • 06:52 Technology is just a tool
  • 07:53 Cybersecurity impacts on the physical world
  • 10:07 Industry struggles
  • 11:38 Technology scales and so do risks
  • 13:04 Attacker’s advantage
  • 15:08 Cause and effect cycles
  • 16:13 Dante’s Inferno of impacts
  • 18:06 Obstacles versus opposition
  • 20:05 Required Sun Tzu quote
  • 20:25 Strategic cybersecurity framework

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