How to Get Passive Income using the Spare CPU to Mine?

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You might wonder that: without Powerful GPU Graphic Cards, could I earn some passive income via the CPU?

The answer is yes - via the CPU Mining Software: LoadTeam (Signup via this link to get $0.2 bonus).

The payout threshold is $1 and directly payable into your Paypal Account. And the return is via US Dollars so you don't need to worry about selling crypto coins.

Currently, the LoadTeam mining software is only available for Windows Platform as a GUI software. However, you might run it on Linux via WINE or in a Virtual Box but profit gains might be largely reduced.

You can turn the performance by configuring the levels to mine under CPU is busy or idle. You have to also consider the cost of the utility e.g. electricity billing. Also, a gentle advice is not to run this on your company's servers/PC/laptops.

For example, if you have a PC - Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6258R CPU @ 2.70GHz 16.00GB RAM and you could earn $5 per day given you have your PC running 24 hours.

That is it. Sign up LoadTeam and get $0.2 bonus, let it run at background and you'll start earning the passive income!

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