Beyond the Horizon

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You would know that you did well on your investment if the team behind is hard at work building for the project.

You know you did well on it if the project is unaffected by sentiments.

You know you did well if the coin that invested in is working for you passively.

You know you in a good project if there are big names in the finance or business world who are investing after you.

You know you made a good choice on your investment if you are able to use the coin to your own advantage every day of your life.

You know you did great when there is a strong community that is backing the project that you invested in.

If the project you invested in has crossed all of these pointers then you don't have to panic about your investment. There's only one way to keep your hopes up regardless of the market condition, which is to keep holding and accumulating. It's obvious that crypto is not going away. It will potentially stay for eternity. There are people who wanted this amazing technology to fail but they won't succeed in my opinion.

Every time a new hurdle gets in the way, it seems that crypto-space has its own way of battling against it.

Nowadays, there are more smart people who are doing their best in improving the way crypto works. These people are bringing with them their creative approach in solving the issues that arise against crypto.

Who would imagine that a volcano could be turned into an energy source to mine Bitcoin without any adverse effect on the environment? Clean energy that nature freely provides. It's a clever way of turning things around; indeed good publicity.

Soon more alternatives will be built around this narrative and more creative solutions will surface. There is virtually no hurdle at all. Every issue that arises is physical hurdles and as soon as the CT community waves it off then the legitimacy of this technology will be accepted by the majority.

And when the time comes, the only question is whether you are in a position that satisfies you?

My journey to the world of crypto.

NFA: Not Financial Advice!


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