SCAM WARNING: Don´t trust these fake accounts and comments!

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Hey everyone,

we are in exciting times for the cryptocurrency market and especially now, scammers are everywhere to steal your Bitcoins!

In this post I want to warn everyone about scammers under almost every Youtube video about cryptocurrency with many views and scammers on Twitter. I hope nobody was scammed from this people so far and after reading this post here, you will not be scammed by these people.

Lets start with revealing scams under Youtube videos of crypto Youtubers with many views.

You can find a lot comments like this under almost every Youtube video about cryptocurrency:




The comments are receiving a lot of likes by fake accounts, so that they are in the top of the comment area. The scammers are even creating fake accounts of the Youtubers, so that it looks like the Youtuber is recommending the scams.

As you can see in the screenshots, the scammers are posting Telegram and Whatsapp numbers of supposedly pro traders, who will help you to make huge profits. I even wrote one of these scammers on Telegram for this article here, to tell you exactly how they are trying to steal your Bitcoins.

At first they are asking you some questions, to show they are "serious", like where are you from, how long you are involved in cryptocurrency and at least how much BTC and/or Altcoins do you have. So they know how much they can potentially steal from you and if it´s worth their time.

Then they will give you a link to an unserious exchange. The guy with which I was writing, even gave me a link to an binary trading excahnge. Binary trading is even illegal since 2018, according to my researches!

Of course I didn´t send BTC to the exchange you can be 100% sure that these exchanges are fake websites and you will be able to deposit, but you will never be able to withdraw your funds.

Another scam strategy is happening on Twitter, where fake accounts, who are looking like famous crypto trader accounts, are posting links to supposedly crypto giveaways by companies like Gemini, Tesla etc...

They are posting links to fake giveaway websites, where you only have to deposit BTC and supposedly get back 10x of your Deposit amount. It´s easy to reveal these scams, if you are searching for the BTC addresses in the block explorer. There you can see, that these addresses are never sending out BTC, only collecting them.

It seems like many people got already scammed by these websites unfortunely, because in one wallet I saw that they already received over 3 BTC by many differents wallets.

I think the most people here would never trust these frauds, but especially people who are new in the cryptocurrency market could get scammed and that´s why Im writing this article.

If you want to warn your friends, feel free to share my article to them.

Sometimes they are serious giveaways, but there you don´t have to deposit something. One current serious way to earn some free coins is on Coinbase, where you can do some quizes and get paid in different Altcoins. I already earned around 50 € with these quick and fast quizes.

If you are not on Coinbase so far, you can receive a deposit bonus of 10 $ by using my link here, if you will deposit at least 100 $:

If you already signed-up on Coinbase, search for "Coinbase Earn" to find the quizes. You can also do them without deposing something. You only have to have a verified Coinbase account.

Best regars from Germany and hear you in my future articles!

Jonas - @future24

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