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SUNDAY MARCH 13th 2022

photo credit: "The Exorcist"

This post signifies the end of my duty exposing what looks to be a wealthy, highly organized network of Satanic pedophiles in full control of the Hive Blockchain. Our team believes to have gathered enough evidence presented in this final info drop to warrant further investigation by the FBI and international intelligence agencies. If you would like to see the first three information drops you can see them here...One February 2ndTwo February 27thThree March 6th

When I first started my research I had no idea this is where it would lead me. Like most of you I thought it was a few large accounts up-voting each other at the top and keeping themselves in power and that's it. After almost four months of investigation I only wish that was the case. Evidence points to things that are highly criminal and may turn your stomach. This material is for adults only.

I've laid out many connections in my previous three posts. They up-vote each other, down-vote together, and use their massive accounts to lock in witness positions and take all power for themselves. The Hive Satanic Cabal is highly organized. They work together as one mafia and they all favor Satanic imagery. After months of research and investigation, I present to you the self acclaimed "Hive Satanic Cabal".

Peripheral Associates of the Hive Satanic Cabal

Image Credit: @thevil @nathan007 @aadamada @azircon @solominer @traciyork @erikah @nonameslefttouse

This group consists of people who may knowingly be part of the Hive Satanic Cabal or just identify with Satanism and ride the coattails of the pyramid above them. The connection here is that they vote and socialize with the other cabal members; they defend and take sides with them and are of course into dark Satanic imagery and worse.

Take this post for example from @thevil...

You can see the whole thing here. Scroll down to @gtg's (#2 witness) comment, he thinks this is so funny and a bunch of other Cabal members think it's funny too. Then have a look at this comment from the founder of Project Hope, @crypto.piotr.

Let's not overlook that @thevil and big players like @acidyo are on the same team; they both down-vote and side together on every issue. "Project Hope" where investors take their share of the reward pool and up-vote people in need from poor countries gets attacked from the cabal from top to bottom.

Since "project hope" disperses "their" reward pool to the needy it's attacked with the only explanation being "go fuck yourself". This is who is in full control of Hive my friends, this is why the down-vote button exists. Look at the big names of the Satanic Cabal down vote Project Hope together, while non cabal members (the 99%) gave it huge support.

See the enitre post here. Maybe they don't like money going to non-whites?

Now have a look at the opening paragraph of a letter I re-titled "The Death of Project Hope". The letter is directed to @acidyo, a top member of the Hive Satanic Cabal.

Viewing it through the understanding of this being an organized Satanic Mafia really is an eye opener. I'm sure that the Project Hope founder and members had no idea that they were dealing with a highly organized group of wealthy Satanist. You can see the entire post here. Have a close look at the comments...

Since the members of the cabal are such large stake holders, (as one group maybe 20-40% of the market cap of hive) they want to keep as much control of the reward pool as possible; it makes their votes and their accounts bigger. There for project hope is seen as a "milker, parasite, leech, or farm" in their own words, as it takes from "their" reward pool.

Now onto two other gems in this rank; @aadamada and @nathan007 are low level in more ways than one. They hang out in the Hive Watchers appeals room waiting to harass the next victim. I was called a "big white grown ass caucasion man" by one and an "old dinosaur" by the other. Combined they were able to discriminate against my race, sex, age, and size in their greeting!

@azircon is sitting on a half million hive power and @solominer over 200,000. They always vote with and side with the satanists whenever anything comes up. Both seem to be in their own aloof worlds based on a review of their blogs. @solominer is into guns.

@traciyork is a self proclaimed witch and big fan and re-blogger of her higher ups, also rushes to their defense when needed. The same can be said about @erikah. They know where their meal is fed.

The star of this group is a self proclaimed monster who goes by @nonameslefttouse. Is that a complaint or excuse, as his name? We are entering the world of heavy dark negativity. This is why there should be no down-vote button. People like this take it upon themselves to down-vote others and then are rewarded for it by the cabal.

This is his recent response to someone complaining about him down-voting their blog.

Surely he gets off on the power. Meanwhile his higher ups handsomely reward him.

Notice a common thing, almost all these people hide their identity. I don't think anyone has seen a photo or video of this guy. He created his own monster face for his profile image because he's a Satanic "artist". He is good friends with @meesterboom another piece of work.

Now lets have a look at some of his art and poetry in his recent post that got up-voted to $371 dollars.

Now have a look at who is supporting this kind of content.

The big money and power on the blockchain is concentrated to the Hive Satanic Cabal. The down-vote button is their main source of control and used as a whip to drive everything in the direction they want. Meanwhile they pump their own members satanic blogs.....while they laugh at you!
Photo and quote credit from above: @nonameslefttouse

Street Level Mafia of "Hive Satanic Cabal"

Photo Credit: @Logic @Nathanpieters @freebornsociety @galenkp

​ ​

These are some extremely bad and dangerous people. Most likely child rapists, murderers, and human traffickers. I do not say this lightly. This is where things start to get ugly.

@logic is a well known instigator, a trouble maker to annoy and negatively interact with the good people whom the Satanists target on hive. Among many horrible things he is an energy vampire and I feel sorry for those who've engaged him online.

Even his name Logic is clearly satanic. When one reads his name, you automatically on a subconscious level think whatever he says is logical, and frankly it's the opposite.

In this post you can see him and @enforcer48 chuckling about how they have to do Hive Watchers' job for them. @logic refers to himself as a "homeless hivewatcher" clearly he identifies strongly with them. The post they are flagging does nothing but share political views that go against the mainstream.

Then on this same post, it goes from bad worse. When suddenly out of the blue this pops up!

@logic and @nathanpieters what do you two mean here by pizza? Just randomly in the conversation out of nowhere?

Here is a list of slang found in the Padesta Emails from the Pizza Gate Pedophilia scandal in Washington DC of all places.

Now here is the follow up from @logic and then again @nathanpieters

Looks a whole lot like @nathanpieters was trying to sell a girl to @logic but the girl was too young and @nathanpieters is frustrated with @logic's lack of business lately. Now see this headline from the

Now we can learn more about Nathan's pizza business from one of his only public posts eluding to it. He's making it public that he had a dangerous customer who removed his license plates so not to be seen by "his" cameras upon delivery. "The customer had three children and a wife they stared crazily....he grabbed \*the food\* and only threw down a 10 onto the deck." I guess you had some explaining to do for your "boss" via Hive.

You can see this post here, but do not be fooled by a photo of a pizza and some BS, the pizza photo most likely is a message too. He must speak in code when participating in such crimes. They all do, it's their preferred method of communication and it's served them well for far too long.

The people this post was intended for, I'm sure, clearly understood it. After that, go ahead and read his post published a month earlier titled "the long road home" and tell me if he's really your friendly neighborhood pizza delivery boy.

@nathanpieters supports open borders and locates himself in Mendez Mexico near the Texas border, current hot spot for human trafficking. All information can be found on his blog. Interesting he goes by a very caucasian name of Nathan Pieters to help hide himself in plain site. Key theme of the satanist, hidden in plain site.

Further more @logic and @nathanpieters up-vote, downvote, and socialize with fellow cabal members. @logic is a fan of the number 69 and reblogging Meester Satan's Satanic art and poetry.

As for @freebornsociety......this tells you everything you need to know. Another dangerous member of the club.

This member admittedly already has a police record for selling "ladies" in one way or another.

As a sloppy and lazy member of the club he just adds his vote to one of the hive watchers down vote accounts, and follows the downvote trail! Then makes up excuses when good people come to him with questions of why he down-voted them.

Now we turn our attention to @Galenkp. He is a scary dude! These are excerpts from a recent post you can see here

The Truth Flows. Lies and deceit do not. "I'm not drinking her nectar, but the coffee she makes is like nectar...Ah fuck it, you know what I meant. Or not."

Devil Crumbs and Devil Juice are well known references to Adrenochrome and products derived from it. If you do not know what Adrenochrome is I suggest you research it on your own; but basically it's the blood of tortured children. It contains a chemical that gets you high from all the adrenaline and endorphins in the tortured child's blood. Very wealthy people are known to spend a fortune on this stuff.

Now if you checked out his opinion on guns a few weeks ago here, that would have really been something to see. Many of the Cabal players have been editing, changing, and cleaning up their profiles as well as switching around their votes since they've realized they have been under investigation. Fortunately we collected all our evidence before they made edits. This sinister photo below was previously in this gun post. You can see why he removed it. Photo credit: @galenkp

These people are dangerous folks! I've been warned not to do this several times; but I feel stronger than ever that it is time to stand up to evil...and speaking of evil @galankp is tightly networked with @meesterboom the center piece of the entire Satanic network. Below is one of his guns that he is proud of. Photo Credit @galenkp. Tell us about your line of work Galen...

Orginal Cabal Member in Key Position

Photo Credit: @Meesterboom

Also known as Meester Satan to our team of investigators. He is the centerpiece and most social of the cabal; a key member and gets his own level of status in their Satanic Club. This guy is so into Satanism I had to look no further than his blog for the perfect thumbnail for this final info drop. He connects the top of the Satanic Mafia all the way to the bottom.

You can see right on his profile header how he brags about being an Original Cabal Member since 2014!

In a classic guilty party move; since coming under heat from these info drops Meester Satan has not only changed his profile header, but has used it as a diversion. Instead of original cabal member it now says "lone wolf" and "cold and lonely road"....the complete opposite of reality, which he so proudly showed off for years. However he still slips in a pedophilia reference about pizza.

Now lets ask @Meesterboom and his associates the significance of all these phrases and double entendres.

Below are just a a few of the thousands of comments from his blog. Do you know what they are talking about? I'm sure "they" know exactly what they are talking about.

Original member of the Cabal folks! Meester Satan's current higher ups seldom communicate with him on the blockchain other than funneling him money through mega up-votes. The higher we go in the chain it becomes less sloppy and more about money and power. @blocktrades is smart enough not to write satanic poetry on the blockchain, but don't be fooled; he votes with the satanists and he has the most powerful vote of all.

Now lets have a look at some of Meester Satan's Poetry, credit @meesterboom.

That's a self proclaimed member of the "Cabal" since 2014! Steemit was not launched until 2016! He must have very close ties to all the original creators including Ned Scott, Dan Larimar, and Dan Notestein "Blocktrades". I believe they should all be investigated by the authorities.

Lets have a closer look at some of Meester Satan's Art.

But first allow me to add that I've been studying the Hive Satanic Cabal for months now to bring you this critical information, and unfortunately that means I've had to learn a lot about Satanism and pedophilia. It's been a real drain emotionally on me as it's just beyond dark and disturbing.

Do you think this image is of a happy dog loving pet owner who can't wait to take his happy puppies for a walk? Of course not. Through the eyes of a Satanic Pedophile you are looking at a wealthy "Eyes Wide Shut" elitist, so rich he can afford to buy half a dozen children; statistically most don't make it out alive and if they do, they are often left heavily addicted to drugs and homeless.

Human trafficking is real, and it is a pandemic most don't like to talk about. According to this Forbes article it's a 150 billion dollar business globally. That's mostly buying and selling of kidnapped or "bred" children for satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice. Now here's the first image. Credit @meesterboom for the images below.

So disturbing...


Well, it doesn't get more straight up than this. I couldn't help but use it for the thumbnail.


The Symbolism of the clock is an occult meaning for time pressure, feeling overwhelmed, passage of time, and life and death. The constant switching back and forth of genders and the twisted face is to cause confusion. Under full Satanic Ritual Abuse which is a nightmare of a google search; this forced gender switching encourages the splitting of personalities.


I lived in Florida for a short while over a decade ago and I remember listening to the news one day. It was about a guy that was arrested who lived just a few miles away from me. A neighbor heard a woman screaming for help one day as he walked past the man's house. The neighbor called the police and he had a hidden room under his house where he kept a woman as a sex slave!

He raped and tortured her for twenty years! They literally tracked the poor broken woman back to a missing persons report from twenty years ago. The lesson here is that all the neighbors knew him as this normal average Joe guy, just a little awkward and quiet. Meanwhile under everyone's nose he kidnapped, raped, and tortured a woman for twenty years!

They say in America "if you see something say something"..... Are we as a collective hive community and beyond just going to ignore and deny all the suspicious activity gong on here? I for one will not.


A child/baby and the word "agenda". Always thinking about children...


Again with a child. Seriously people, this is what the big money on hive is voting for. This is what these people are into.

Don't be fooled folks, people and networks like this exist right out there in the open; but once you see them you never forget.

​ ​

Hive Cabal Top Managers

Photo Credit: @Acidyo @themarkymark @guiltyparties @gtg

This layer of the cabal is suppose to be a little professional and keep it more clean as they are "above it all" while pushing money around and taking in massive profits. We start with one of the very top money men on the platform @acidyo; he controls nearly ten million Hive power, that's just what we know about.


He currently has a curation service which used to be one of the largest bid bots on Steemit, enriching himself at the expense of everyone else. He currently uses his massive Hive fortune to keep the Hive Satanic Witness power structure in place and handsomely up-vote lower cabal members, some of which specialize in Satanic Art.

As a greedy rich Satanist @acidyo's main high might be from counting his money and yours! He's made himself guardian of the reward pool. You know, the one that each investor is to get their percentage of, to do what they want with. Well not according to him. It's his reward pool and he'll fight you for it! Just look through his comments on his blog and see his commonality of concern. Like this excerpt below.

"Don't you know who I am? Me and my Satanic Cabal decide on what posts are worthy of other people's upvotes! Now excuse me, I need to go pump @meesterbooms account."

Acidyo is a smooth operator but do not be fooled. He only works in the interest of enriching himself and the Cabal while constantly complaining of worthy and unworthy posts for what amounts to peanuts compared to his fortune.

He is also a promoter of the don't up-vote yourself movement, even if you worked for three months on a post like this one he thinks I should not up-vote it. It's really an inside joke as all the Cabal does is up-vote themselves and manipulate the market. This is just another tactic to manipulate people and concentrate the reward pool to themselves. @acidyo is another faceless Cabal witness. Make a video Acidyo people want to know who's in office here.

The Marky Mark

This is another big money guy top boss and loves asserting his authority. After my first big reveal post, hivewatchers took me off their blacklist in hopes that I would go away, but big boss man didn't like that. Have another look at what I shared just a couple weeks ago. I caught him off-guard pushing his weight around as a high up member of the Satanic Cabal.



The top ones are slick, sharp with the tongue, and more careful about what they put on the blockchain; again no references were found to potential illegal activity, but then again our time and resources have limits. Marky Mark has actually been in damage control as of late and trying to distance himself from the crime.

He's switched around his witness votes and started upvoting @for91days; someone he and others satanically abused for six months jerking him around with his Travel Feed Project, until he had to walk away exhausted and confused. Suddenly Marky Mark is up-voting him now out of the blue for the first time!

The Marky Mark is another massive milker of the platform who ran an enormous bib-bot like his partner Acidyo to enrich himself on Steemit at the expense of others. He talks to people here like he's the boss, and frankly he is.

A high member of the Cabal, he up-votes and down-votes with the rest of them and clearly gives orders to Hivewatchers and just about everyone else he feels like. Another faceless wonder, has anyone normal even met this guy? I still think he identifies with an overly priced cartoon figure of a chicken neck pedophile.


What a name! Him and his creepy friend @logic are so into satanism they get off on fooling people with their screen names! "Why, he can't be guilty of anything, why would he pick a name labeling himself that? That's odd....must be an enforcement thing with hive watchers" Hidden in plain sight people, while they laugh at you!

I like to call @guiltyparties, SPIN DOCTOR cause he is probably the best they've got. He can divert, change topics, twist words, lie, and just wear you down in an argument with endless energy. His go-to-move is to get people off the public blockchain into the private shadows of discord, where he then becomes a totally different person. Just look at the comments in my first info drop here.

As the Heinrich Himmler of the Hive Satanic Cabal he is judge, jury, and executioner of all "cases". He brags of having a 97% conviction rate and has proudly scared millions of dollars of market cap off the platform; and basically says, it could have been worse.

He's gone after Christians, conservatives, and alt-media, while his team of sadist mentally torture mostly ethnic minorities in their "appeals" discord server. If they beg too much, they get the special treatment "time out".

This is exactly what the Hive Satanic Cabal want! Total control and power of a "decentralized" blockchain.

@guiltyparties is more than happy to do whatever is asked to move higher up in the chain. He is being asked to do a lot of dirty down-voting and destruction. He complies happily to help himself get ahead.

Look at his communication with some of the others. This guy could teach a course on boot licking. He desperately wants to get into the top twenty witness position.

At the moment he's at position 23. Which less loyal member will they push out to get him into the high paying top tweny? They've already pushed out so many good people, who is left? One thing I know is top witness @blocktrades supports him.

@guiltyparties is another faceless Satanic Cabal member and witness. What a commonality! Don't we all love not having a clue who is running things? But at least we know he is into dark imagery like the rest of them.


Believe it or not I sat down at a nice restaurant and ate perogies in Krakow Poland for Steemest with @gtg and @blocktrades in November of 2018. So I do know what they both look like in person, I'll tell you this. GTG totally resembles his profile image...kinda like a cross between the Grim Reaper and an undertaker from an old western. Incredibly socially awkward. Clearly into dark imagery as he has become dark imagery in the real.

Passing off as Mr. IT tech guy he doesn't socialize much on the blockchain compared to others. You can clearly see, on anything of importance he always sides with the Cabal. That goes for the Hive Watcher proposal, down voting Project Hope, locking in the Satanic witness power structure, and siding with the cabal when I was targeted for termination. Here is his response when I asked months ago for a little help when "they" came for me.

In Satanic fashion he accuses the victim of exaggerating. He then blatantly lies saying there is no central authority.

They really don't want us to know they are the central authority. They want us to remain asleep!


photo credit: Dan Notestein

Being at the very top of the Hive pyramid, and being top witness, all eyes are naturally on him. So like a good boss or complicit @blocktrades keeps it clean when communicating on the blockchain, no pizza and cheese references found with him. But when asked about @hivewatchers by @apshamilton this is part of his multi comment response.

A politician full of excuses with a no answer response. Siding with the Satanic Cabal knowing if following his suggestions @apshamilton would get nowhere. He suggests talking to Hive Watchers, which we all now know is laughable, and going up against them financially which is even more ridiculous. Notestein is fully aware that @apshamilton doesn't understand that he'd be going up against an entire Satanic organization worth probably in excess of 75 million dollars in Hive Power.

This is a linkto the full discussion. Notice @guiltyparties doing his thing as SPIN DOCTOR, an endless arguer for the Satanists. He and his good friend Logic, a Satanic pedophile are big fans of @meesterboom's Satanic art and poetry. The Same Meester Boom who is a self proclaimed original member of the Hive Cabal, just like Dan Notestein! I wonder if Dan is into pizza with extra cheese..... or maybe he prefers hotdogs and pasta?

@blocktrades what is your connection to There you have a positive article written about you referring to the steemit/hive hardfork. Seriously friends "cult today"? What is with these people? Can all this just be a coincidence? Of course not.

If you study how the top witnesses vote themselves into power; it's interesting to see how names like @deathwing move up in rank while names like @lukestokes move down. It's a Satanic vote for vote with the biggest money on the platform.

They lock themselves into witness positions; a small group of wealthy Satanist in full control of the platform; where they "milk" more than everyone combined!

Below is a screen shot from of how much money blocktrades is making each day. Keep in mind many of his votes come just before or just after his fellow big money bosses especially @acidyo's accounts in order to maximize their curation earnings.

Just shy of $2,000 USD a day, that's about $14,000 a week and near 60k a month! Tony Soprano would be impressed! And when it comes to Hive Watchers he doesn't have time to look into it! Well, he has no interest in doing the right thing. Why would he mess with his gravy train or upsetting maybe some of the more dangerous members of their Satanic mafia.

Instead they point the finger at people like me, it's a satanic strategy...accuse your enemy, that of which you are guilty of. We are dealing with pure evil here folks. From high up in the Satanic Cabal here is @themarkymark to me; in regards to me making too much money!

It's all rigged by satanist from the very top and from the very beginning of steemit! It's unbelievable. One of the first accounts created was this one @charlesmanson, go look at the comments...or don't; trust me on that.

How about Larimar being worth a cool $750 million dollars and Ned Scott 243.8 million according to these two sources source source. I'm sure that just happened by total accident. No help from Charles Manson?

Rocky Horror and a Black Cat for press photos? Of all the things he could be holding, he chooses a black cat? These people are seriously demented. Photo Credit: Dan Larimer


Photo credit: Ned Scott

Ned Scott, the obvious choice to put out front, tv interviews, on stage at steemfest, and elsewhere. The handsome, sharp, smooth talking devil in disguise. He has played his role perfectly, but do not be fooled. I didn't pay any attention to any of this until they came for me.

The reality is that they are coming for everyone. Right now if you have 100,000 hive power it's worth near 100,000 dollars. They control the market and there is nothing quite like a quick 90% correction while you are stuck sitting in hive power.

That reminds me of when I was sitting in the audience at Steemfest three during Ned Scott's "interview". I remember many people that day all agreeing that something was just "off". Have a look starting at the 19 minute mark. He's suddenly asked about "change"...then he does a creepy one minute wardrobe change on stage. Showing that he wears suspenders. What is that all about?

Then we get a close up of Ned talking in front of a fiery background like the devil giving a speech in hell. He talks about his new project "Destiny" built on the Steem block chain. A classic diversion tactic, look over here while we exit stage left with all the money over there.

Steem lost about 75% of it's value the first five weeks following this speech at steemfest 2018 opening day. Steem went on to lose another 65% over the next several months. Again Ned is worth about a quarter billion dollars and Larimar about three quarters of a billion.

Now check out this video at the 19 minute mark. Notice that after talking about "Destiny" in a creepy way; they slide the conversation into what is "sexy" and what is not. That's about all I could take and turned it off.

In Conclusion: Meester Satan was right all along.

Not only is Hive not decentralized; it's centralized into the hands of what looks like a group of satanic pedophiles!

It's clear that business comes second to power, control, and secrecy. They've implemented a downvote button to sensor and drive away threats to their power structure, they target individuals for satanic abuse and destruction. It's startling once you realize what is going on here. Their thirst for money and power comes from the words of their hero Alister Crowley.

These guys are dangerous and yes I am fully aware of the risk I am putting myself into. Note: I'm super happy with my life and I would never do any harm to myself ever. Now check out this headline.

This is a dangerous group of people running things here. Their entire purpose is to "milk and farm" as much as they can through market manipulation and deceit. They love to make members believers that Hive is going to the moon, and it is going to be the next big thing.

Invest all your money now and power up! Then at a time of "their" choosing they dump the markets and make off like bandits. Who knows how much they've got on the exchanges. I've got almost 20 years of trading experience, I understand fully how these things work.

The Satanists are so well organized they each have their own rolls in their Hive Satanic Mafia. The upper echelon stay mostly clean and push money and power around, while the mid and lower levels do the dirty work.

As one force they control a large percentage of the hive market cap yet number less than twenty people. Working together they scare off competition including death threats, censor opposing views, and attack successful bloggers who earn too much from their reward pool.

They maintain a Hive Watchers appeals dungeon for mostly ethnic minorities to be harassed for sadistic pleasure, they are rude and nasty to the users of their platform, and they farm a herd of powered up hive participants "destined" to have the price yanked out beneath them.

This is all so the ones at the top can live in incredible luxury and fund their guilty pleasures.

It took several months of research and investigation, including a covert sting operation to acquire the evidence presented in these information drops. Once all the evidence was gathered it painted a very clear picture to what was going on and who was involved.

A lot more research needs to be done and we are sure there are many other players who've slid past our sights. We highly suggest that the FBI and other international agencies follow up on this investigation and take appropriate action.

There is clearly a tie between these account via socializing together, upvoting and downvoting together, supporting hivewatchers and the downvote system, and of course side together on all issues of importance. Further more they are all into dark satanic symbology from top to bottom. So many of their accounts are old 2016 accounts connecting them to beginnings of Steemit and it's founders.

There is a connection here and it's all highly suspicious yet some will remain in denial and say this is normal or a coincidence. Show us more evidence; show a video of Mr Satan raping a child they will say. Ignore these people, common sense says something is extremely wrong here and that can not be denied.

From top to bottom; below is our current understanding of what is believed to be a highly organized wealthy satanic pedophile network running the Hive Blockchain. As one group they go by the name...



As Promised a month ago. All roads lead to the number thirteen. It's well known that Satanists are big fans of numerology. Do you think it's a coincidence that the amount of weeks it takes to power down is thirteen?

Here is the top search result on google.


@eastmael @double-u @saboin @megadrive @zahidsun @gamer0815 @tekraze @symbionts @busbecq @techcoderx @blurtlatam @blurthispano @freakeao @kentzz001 @ilnegro @imransoudagar @ionomy @cosmicboy123 @kamranrkploy @jakeminlim @opfergnome @etainclub @blokfield @alejos7ven @actifit @contrabourdon @michelangelo3 @nelkeljdm @hornet-on-tour @blurtlive @bestkizito @frankbacon @instablurt @mmmmkkkk311 @nabeeel @offgridlife @rycharde @tekraze @

Prominent members of the community are being tagged to bring awareness to a probable Satanic Pedophile Network running the Hive Blockchain.

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  ·  3 months ago  ·  

Reading this post nailed it, best post about Hive I've ever read!

Thank you! But the sad thing is a lot of people just can't stomach the topic and it's totally understandable. Literally just the topic has people saying...naaaah that can't be true. There are sick sick sick individuals with lots of money and power in this world....and "normal" people just can't believe it, or better said, refuse to believe it. They will focus in on the tiniest flawed detail and dismiss everything else, cause it feels good and fits their safe false reality.

  ·  3 months ago  ·  

From Pizza tips to 13 week power downs, it all goes unnoticed. When I signed up for Steemit in Aug 2016 I took the name @sift666 and was rapidly getting $400 upvotes and also got nearly 2000 followers - at the time I didn't fully understand why - when I switched to @frot my blogging career on Steemit was all over...

I had an inkling, but never understood the extent of it. The Hivemind.

Well, if that doesn't legitimize my expose than I do not know what does. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I'm just really happy I could shed some light on how serious these people take their Luciferian ideology; giving you and others a better understand of "their" Hive Mind.

  ·  4 months ago  ·   (edited)

All they are is copy cats of steemit, bernissanders had over 100 accounts and they were Dans and neds, the inner steemit moved away from it when the Asians bought it, you can find all the info on steemd easy enough - enough, just trace the accounts pre launch of steemit on there like smooth, easily done.

Doesn't surprise me one bit. Thanks for sharing this information. I've shared mine, and now it's time for me to look forward and help get the word out about blurt. You seem very knowledgeable about these three sites. What are your expectations for blurt?

  ·  4 months ago  ·  

Blurt is the only 1 of the 3 that is different, and not centralised, but it does come with suck up or get no votes, which I refuse to do. It is what it is, but at least it is free.

I agree. I told a friend the other day that a Satanist + 100,000HP + downvote button is a very bad combination. He couldn't agree more. Blurt solve this problem and should excel with some marketing effort.

I see what you mean in regards to sucking up. But atleast here it's not to a rotten group of people, and honestly, there is huge room for a middle class to come in and buy while the price is cheap. That's the fastest way to a more decentralized less ass kissing system here. I'm pretty sure most of the whales on hive were originals receiving mega handouts upon startup all networked into the top positions. Totally corrupt and organized.

The only thing that's changed with hive in the past 5 years, is that they concentrated the power into these very dark entities even further.

personally I think blurt needs to not only get the hive leavers tho but we need to get out thereon social media. Tbh it is an easier sell to the rest of the world as it's SIMPLE. Most ppl don't want to know the difference between SBD/STEEM, blah blah they just want to come on and post. Once they get into it they might expand to wanting to know more. Thats how I got into it myself first in fact I found d tube and saw monetary value on the posts then steemit back in 2017 and I got into crypto from there really. If it wasn't free to sign up to and relatively easy I probably wouldn't have stuck at it.

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It was the hive developers that forked hive, those that got sacked by Dan at xmas. They all know each other well, all went to the steemfests too. freebornangel is not in the club, he just thinks downvotes play a good part in the system, we all know they do not, but he lives off his hive earnings so has to lick boots.

It's a boot licking system. That is why blurt needs to keep "good" people in top positions. Hive is like licking the boots of the devil once you see what's going on there.

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Never going to happen, those that write the code, will want to do what ever they want and feel entitled to do so, same shit, different site.

I understand your skepticism, but I remain hopeful. As the price is cheap, allowing decentralization of power to anyone looking to buy in here, and the downvote botton (abuse button) does not exist....for now ;)

But yes, I certainly understand your concern.

yes we do need to be careful who stays the head of the system here thats what I mean by protect this place.

it is and that is why they try to trap you there by not allowing you to post elsewhere because your more free then. once they have you relying on hive as your only blockchain social they then slowly start to cap your earning so you have to try and keep getting more and more connections etc then they swoop in and downvote yo ufo the plateau anyways and try and scare people with just downvoting them further if they complain. It's kind of like digital slavery in a way they just punish people if they complain/ punish people if they earn too much / it's a system based on punishment and carrot and stick more than it is on rewards.

Sounds a lot like a weird form of communism. I'm faithful blurt will have a different and much better future than hive. I'll let you know when that opinions changes though...hahaha :) Until then I'm fully behind blurt. With no down-vote button, it's like declawing the monster.

i can't describe how much i love watching the cabal squirm

they "libel" other accounts on the daily

your 77 rep makes you virtually immune from their "normal attacks"

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All the people that upvote me on there just got told not to ever again, that spurs me on as money is not my thing, got all I want or need, game on, steemit hive reveal to come, for freebie, fuck em.

glad to see you here

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Glad to be here, but it can be an annoying place at times, as can they all.

Right 77 rep, never knew what was going to come in so handy.

Yes, squirm indeed...

I’m leaving these ppl to judgement day personally. You know I think anyone willing to still go on hiveshould just promote blurt, as soon as I knew this site existed I was here within a day!

Now have a look at who is supporting this kind of content.


100% THIS

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This is so distressing. I suppose we could expect this in any large group of humans and humanoids where currency is involved. Just as in the rest of the world, I have not seen this at all. I don't want to see it! But I will keep this info in my thought tank.

I follow and support a few of the entities you listed above. They support me. After more than three years of slaving away blogging for virtually no financial gain, I finally have one entity supporting my posts regularly, and it's one of your most reviled entities!

I believe that by simply up and leaving a space with good in it, we give it up to the bad. Most of my posts contain information that I believe is important to get out there. Several of those persons among your list above who read my posts seem to be in line with my thinking, flirting with downvotes from whales. Just because they consort with the bad guys, does not make them bad. Like me. I am worried I will find myself on your list of bad guys one day, simply because I haven't shut the door on them, and all their associates.

I understand that you have been harmed by many of these entities and am sorry for that. It should not have happened.

All this reminds me of a fellow I encountered early in my travels in these parts. Here's a post of his that I find relevant.

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losing WWF was a BIG friggin deal... : /

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yes he was a much needed positive force. I was very upset when he left.

" I am worried I will find myself on your list of bad guys one day, simply because I haven't shut the door on them, and all their associates.""

Thank you for taking the time to comment and linking @wwf post. He too saw things how they were a long time ago, but could not really put his finger on it as a highly organized satanic group.

As for your comment above. I'm done. There is no next. My small team of investigators fed me tons of suspicious evidence and I just published it, half the article is screen shots.

The great thing about life is you can choose to believe whatever you want. If you believe Meesterboom is heavily into Satanism and part of the Hive Cabal since 2014 like he says then great. If not that is fine too. But one thing is for sure, nobody has to worry about being on another list. The info has been dumped. It's over. Plus you seem like a very sweet lady. You're not into freaky demon stuff are you?

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lol. I don't think so!

No we don’t we cut their income and build blurt

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Downvoting gave bad actors with money an edge, but bad actors will just find another edge here. The upvote curve, for instance, gives large accounts a major advantage to suck up the rewards pool.

Stand and fight is a valid strategy. Flight is a valid strategy. I'm moving money this way for sure because of the freedom to speak, but that doesn't mean I have nothing to say there. Although I do have to say bringing it all here is very tempting. I would lose some important friends!!!

My situation is unique. Part of the reason I did this is cause I had nothing to lose. They already destroyed my blog, tried to destroy my name, so I just went all out...

Now if I was on the sidelines with my blog still earning on hive watching all this. I'd keep my mouth shut and my head down. Start powering down, while keep earning on hive and move it over to blurt and encourage others to do the same and build blurt up. But I'd do it way way under the radar.

I totally get other's have something to lose. Me, on hive. I've already lost everything, and frankly I don't want anything to do with a Satanic Blockchain with the FBI looking into it anyway. I'd be trying to distance my self from something that smells this rotten.

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I do understand. I guess I haven't been harmed enough yet to feel the same way.

I felt enough just watching others get hammered tbh and defended them then got turned on, personally I can’t watch others getting bullied like that and support a platform. “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”

― Desmond Tutu (Foreword)

If you don’t stand for what you believe in no one will stand for you when you need it.

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I do not know enough about it to take a stand. I cannot chuck out the good on Hive because worldtravelpro feels strongly enough to put this post together, which, as I tried to say above, is inaccurate about some of these accounts.

No doubt there are bad actors at the top. There are always bad actors at the top. Bringing them to our attention is good and could very well lead to changes that will ameliorate their negative influence.

Everywhere is crazy right now. When I step into a store, I am assaulted by a surrealistic feeling. Something destructive is at work everywhere. We must be careful we don't collude with it. Lashing out can be destructive too.

Old saying - don't throw out the baby with the bath water.

Not financially supporting bad actors isn’t lashing out. But each to their own

It's horrible what they do to people. 5 years of networking, making friends, and blogging, then they just destroy you no questions asked and treat you like a piece of garbage. Frankly it's unreal. But thank you for understanding. I'm looking forward to leaving this all behind me and moving forward now.

so with blurt what I do is on fb every time I see someone. moaning about it I suggest blurt and send the link.

I used to feel the same about all the connections I had made etc, but then I realise they aren't really the kind of people I connect to anymore if they suck up anything and are happy to watch others getting bullied just so as not to upset their comfy earning spots. Some of the spiritual and eco communities just turn a blind eye because they are getting good payouts and up there to a degree. This isn't my kind of people. My kind of people speak out when they see injustice, even if they have to lose £ to do so.

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Wonderful ☺️

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Your info on GuiltyParties seems spot on... Really a terrible sort of person IMO.

And he's way up there in the pecking order. Blocktrades is a big fan of his.