What is CUB Price Waiting For?

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Lots of investors of CUB are waiting for pump and make up for its losses. I am one of the investor and waiting and hoping for CUB price will go up to where came from...

$CUB is also on the Gems lists that will bring lots of investors from outside the Hive ecosystem. Lots of LeoFinance authors and readers are into this Defi Platform.

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So when undervalued token CUB will reach its real value? Or is the CUB price not really cheap?

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There is no technical analysis theory that shows us the dip of CUB. It is a bit inflationist token and CUB need new holders! I think it will turn from the bottom as the number of new holders increases.

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I thought Great Support Line would fulfill lifetime mission above.

What should CUB do?

In My Opinion;

  • CUBDefi need more total value locked. As you see Hidden GEMs list, Marketcap / Total Value Locked ratio is higher than others. Maybe CUB should open more pools. SPS pools are more preferable. After voucher airdrop money may flow to SPS-BNB pools... It is very profitable...

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  • CUB need more holders... It has only 1,245 holders now and It should increase...

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CUB referred to as undervalued may be wrong.

In order for it to reach its real value or exceed its current value, money or people must flow!

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I need it to go back to $11 just to break even ….
Even with all the extra Cub I have earned.
A Total disaster for me.

Who knows. What a disaster … I lost thousands and thousands of dollars so far. Was it a scam ?