My Vote Value in Hive Blockchain Reached 1,6 USD!

in crypto •  4 months ago 

I am trying to pick up Hive Power and tribe tokens LEO, POB, SPT to be a curator...

I am try for this until 2025 and never power down.

After curator @amr008 ended his curation rewards project, I undelegated my LEO and POB powers.. I am full of with my LEO and POB powers and My Hive Power is increasing day by day. This causes my upvote value to increase on the Hive Blockchain!

Ekran Resmi 20211005 22.22.48.png

Hive Power & Vote Value:

I powered down my Hive power at the beginning of the year to buy LEO and POB. For the past few months I have been busy recuperating my Hive Power losses. It is increasing regularly. I increased the growth rate of Hive Power by getting more awards as I shared quality content.

Now, My Hive Vote value is equal to 0,80 USD. Half of the value goes to content creator...

LEO Power & Vote Value:
I completed to power up LEO. I reachec 13,333 LEO Power and I am trying pick up for liquid LEO.

Ekran Resmi 20211005 22.31.47.png

My LEO Vote value is equal to 1,370 LEO = 0,32 USD...

I will upgrade my LEO Power in the future. 33,333 may be my next goal to reach! Leofinance has great potential for future. I should be ready for this!

POB Power & Vote Value:

I am trying to increase my POB power. I always power up when I have liquid POB.

Ekran Resmi 20211005 22.44.21.png

I have 5231 POB and my vote is equal to 3.3 POB = 0,53 USD...

These are mostly used tribes in Hive Blockchain and I invested to a curator. I am interested in passive income and curation is one of the best way..

Let's see how my power is increasing...

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I’m also trying to accumulate more Splinterlands SPS, DEC, SPT since I’m earning 70% APR … also BYT (Blurt Yield Token) on Hibe-Engine… earning 37% APR with payment in Hive.

Congratulations on all that Hive Power … I got up to 8,800 POB power very quickly compared to My Hive which is stuck around 13,800 …. I never bothered with LEO since I didn’t get any upvotes over there…. But Blurt …. wow …. at 800,000 Blurt Power Has been the best of anything.