I Have Completed a Quarter of My Hive Target!

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Here is my table for Hive Target! I completed a quarter of target...

I will pick up Hive tokens for 3 years. I update my list everweek to see where I am. I plan for changing my cash flow to tokens..

I set the target quantities and target prices in the Hive tokens.

If any of my goals work, I will transfer the money flowing there to a different place.

I will wait for them until seeing target price!

Ekran Resmi 20211014 23.05.01.png

I am picking up my Hive curation and post rewards. I dont buy any extra Hive to power up. I am waiting to buy extra Hive to Power up in bearish season.

Ekran Resmi 20211014 23.12.50.png

It is amazing passive income for me! I am picking up DEC to get more SPS in airdrop! I will never sell SPS until Binance listing!

Ekran Resmi 20211014 23.20.02.png

I am buying If I have liquid hive and If it is good level to buy. I am focused to buy LEO, because it is in dip. I will never sell until LEO reach 1 USD...

POB curation rewards is amazing! I am picking up and powered them up. I will power up POB until I reach my target...

Splinterlands Team:
I have been playing this game for 3 years. I am picking up good cards If they power up my team. I have never sold my cards from rewards. I am collecting them. Because NFT's value is going up! I am holding lots of Gold and Legendary Cards! I hope I will reach my target!


Some of Hive tokens is another passive income for me. $SIM, $PIZZA, $BEE, $SPT...
I flow them where I need to improve my target...

I love managing my portfolio. I will update If there is news...

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My Target is 1 Million Blurt. 1 Million BYT and 1 Million SPS.

Getting close.