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"THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COVID" video by Dr Amandha Vollmer

This video is getting very hard to find online - for obvious reasons it has been censored extensively...

So I have uploaded a copy to my own Bitchute channel and will upload it to a few other sites very soon.

Want to see the convid hoax shredded in 13 minutes by one of the very few doctors with the guts to pull no punches and lay it all out for anyone awake enough to see it?

Full respect to Dr Amandha Vollmer.




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Yummy Mummy has been doing good work on this since the very beginning.

I would argue with her a tiny bit - covid is something. It is poisoning. The symptoms are detox, yes. As she says, all so called viruses are detoxification from poisoning. The two times I "had it," the skies had been chock full of chemtrails for days and days beforehand and voila! the area had an uptick in covid like illness.

This is going to get very very ugly.
I've seen people go berserk when told the truth - I watch them with the same detachment as I would a pet. My wish is their mind disintegrates to the point it can be rebuilt - a catharsis. Doesn't happen - the phones keep them dumb, both the content and the signals.
Save yourselves.

And chemical trails that infect them all the time. I wouldn't say infect with a virus, but what they spread in the air, it's for sure not healthy. And it smells as well.

thankfully I've never smelt chemtrails - certainly seen them though...

Maybe in Russia they have a better doze, I don't know. I even watched videos from TikTok where people that they smelled them. Especially in Moscow.