Check Your Cosmos Drop Attestation Status

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Some people have been asking for a way to check the status of their Blurt Cosmos airdrop attestation (try saying that ten times in a row fast).

I have built a website where you can check your status.

Just go to and enter your Blurt username in the text box and click "submit".

Blurt Cosmos Drop Submit

It will tell you what Cosmos address is registered to your Blurt account and the date you sent your transfer.

Blurt Cosmos Drop Attestation Status

If you made a mistake or you have changed your mind about which Cosmos address you want to use for future Cosmos airdrops on Blurt users, you can send another transfer with the correct Cosmos address and it will be updated in the database. You can then use the website to verify that the correct address is registered.

If you're using a small mobile device, you might have to rotate it sideways in order to view the site. I might try to fix it in the future or maybe get someone who is good with Bootstrap and CSS to fix it for me.

That's all for this one.

Until next time, I hope you all have a great one!

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Egerly waiting Sir. It will big blust for us

Hi bro! I read your blog and it made me pleased. It also shows that you are a great person and you have a lovely heart and sharp mind as well .So I can expect help from you. I request you to see my blog and help me with your priceless upvotes!

Thank you so much for this wonderful info, it's really working, I have just checked mine.

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worked bro!

Great tool. I think I’m in. Just in time.

Great, Thank you.

Hi, @saboin,

Thank you for your contribution to the Blurt ecosystem.

Please consider voting for the witness @symbionts.
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It said it couldn't find me.

You need to attest your Cosmos address to be registered.

You can attest by sending a transfer of 0.001 BLURT to @cosmosdrop with your Cosmos address as the memo.

If you don't have a Cosmos address, you can follow the instructions in this post to create one.

Thank you for the help. I will be looking into a proper cosmos wallet.

Good work
Thank u !

Just checked mine
You did a great job here👍🏾

Thank you for developing this useful tool for us, I have already checked with it, it is very easy to use and leaves us with the peace of mind of knowing how we are doing in the airdrop.
Best regards. will be airdropping on Blurt users that have attested, I am involved in the distribution planning and tokenomics team so I can confirm this. Due to launch this year, no specified date, possibly November, get your attestations in so you don't miss out.

Dig chain looks great. I'm really excited to hear this and glad I staked Blurt.

I am new here, what is cosmos and can i get also an airdrop?

Cosmos is a network of blockchains, each with their own cryptocurrencies. Right now there are people working on a blockchain called Dig that is going to be part of the Cosmos network. When that blockchain launches, Blurt users who have attested their Cosmos address will receive an airdrop of Dig coins based on the amount of Blurt Power in their Blurt account.

To be part of the airdrop, you just need to create a Cosmos wallet, then send a transfer to the Blurt account @cosmosdrop with your Cosmos address in the memo.

Then you just accumulate Blurt Power while we are waiting for the Dig blockchain to launch.

This post explains how to create a wallet and attest your Cosmos address:

I will make a new post soon since that one is getting old.

Thank you, i did the steps ;)

@saboin voted you witness my 800k power and now you number 2

Thank you very much for your support!

Good day sir, please how do i get my Comos address, I'm attesting with my username but it says not found, how do I go about it, thank you!

Super! Thanks a lot!

Thanks @saboin. Dev Blurt has shown his best work for the future of Blurt.

Thank you very Mutch

Thanks for Tweeting!!! Appreciate the exposure.

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Thx for the reminder... i really had to send the Adress again ... i think the first time i sended it was to our master of Desaster :D hihi... this was wrong as it looks like :D hahaha

This is great work... thanks

Thank you for your work.

That is great!!
Thank you!

This is really nice..thank you sir @saboin

Nice work. I've not done anything on Cosmos yet, but I'd quickly check with my username.

Congrats on building this, it was pretty fast.