Indigo Saturday: I Really Miss Live Music

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I really, really remember feeling the beat come up through the floor and into my gut and turning around and saying to Jamie: I can't imagine a life without live music.

Cue pandemic and the slashing of funding to the arts and me getting older and not wanting to go out past 9 pm and there you have it - it's been literally years since I have been to a live gig. Well, two years? Three? Seems like forever.

Of course, being indigo Saturday on Blurt, I had to find a picture from my archives. Funnily enough, either purple flowers or musicians on the stage were the only purple I had. So I share with you the amazing Nick Cave.


I think I've seen him live about ten times over the years, with various bands. He never fails to amaze me. I wanted to go to his gig in November here at Hanging Rock but I wasn't paying $300 a ticket. That's insane.


I'm not a religous person at all, but if you're going to play any song at my funeral, play this one. Actually I've got a funeral play list a mile long, lol, but this is pretty sweet. I honestly think it's one of the most lovely songs in the entire universe.

I always feel such sadness to think of what happened to one of his sons. How one can go through such grief and loss is beyond me. But somehow he turned it into art.

Also, this one. But I've had an indigo wine or two, so I'm all in love with music right now. Signing off, and hoping for some engagement. Sometimes Blurt is like picking up the telephone to see if there's a dial tone. NOt giving away how old I am or anything.

Nick's always had a way with words - his poetry really turns me on. This song makes me want to turn the music up really fucking loud and sing to the full moon.

Come sail your ships around me
And burn your bridges down
We make a little history, baby
Every time you come around
Come loose your dogs upon me
And let your hair hang down
You are a little mystery to me
Every time you come around
We talk about it all night long
We define our moral ground
But when I crawl into your arms
Everything, it comes tumbling down

Happy indigo Saturday. May you sing loud and dance strong. And tell me in the comments about the last gig you saw and what you might be going to see. We're pretty music starved around here.

With Love,



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  ·  2 months ago  ·  

I'm here! And I know what a dial tone is! hahaha. Busy signal too. I never heard of Nick Cave, but boy can he sing and play a song.

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  ·  2 months ago  ·  

He's quite famous here as he hailed from country Vic, the state I live in, but Melbourne claimed him as his own. Lived in Brighton UK for many a year but his 15 year old son died falling off a cliff (on acid, apparently) so he and his wife and son moved to LA. I just learnt a son from a previous relationship died a week ago in Melbourne.. tragic. He plays to sold out gigs whenever he comes home to Australia.

Thanks for commenting.. it can get lonely here! Hopefully that will change. Xx

My son and daughter in law didn't realize we had dial tone telephones.. they either thought we were too young or they faded out earlier than that! Tech has moved so fast. I can still here the whine of a dial up modem!

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  ·  2 months ago  ·  

Last live gig ,. do some drunk guys happening to be on a stage with a drum , base and a guitar jamming away at 4 in the morning count as ,.. a live gig ,.. because it sounded great to my intoxicated mind ?

No for real , some awesome musicians live in this small town ,.. and the Granbar is gonna be a point of interest to the free world one day ,.. from dusk till dawn .. ;-)

  ·  2 months ago  ·  

Mate those gigs are the best gigs. Miss them.

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Have you seen this yet? Just came out in the UK. Will go watch probably next week.

  ·  2 months ago  ·  

I've been waiting for it!!!!

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Omg, you are Nick Cave fan 😱 now i love you even more. He is just my favourite ever since I was a child. I can never get bored of his music.
Honestly can have him on loop all day.
I saw him live once, in 2005 i believe it was. . .he had such a presence. He was holding the space for thousands of people, while bwing so effortlessly cool. I totally have a crush on him 😅
We gotta go see him live together somewhere really nice 🙌🏻🙏🏻💜

  ·  2 months ago  ·  

How cool would that be. He is effortlessly cool and extraordinary live!!! Glad to find another fan, that's awesome

Wierdly just saw that his son from a previous relationship died in Melbourne about a week ago. Fuck. Bit sad!!!

My best mate is a full on Vipassana teacher and follows dharma intensely. But Nick Cave is her weakness.. she can be on a sixty day silent retreat and have him loud in her head for days 😂

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Oh my god that made me laugh 😂 not even the silent meditation can stop Nick Cave 🙌🏻

And yes, really sad about his son. He channeled a lot of that ito his two latest album.

  ·  2 months ago  ·  

Omg one of his other sons died a week ago!!! Just read...

omg😱 i totally missed this somehow. . .wow, I can't even imagine. . .losing two of your sons. . .bless, let's send him some love 💜