Chemtrail spraying again today over Wellington NZ

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Do normies ever look up? - The chemtrail spraying over New Zealand is constant and ongoing. As is the rain!


Normies like to say it is a "conspiracy theory" - but it is being done so blatantly, the overlords are not even attempting to hide it - they are spraying them all over the place - this is Wellington this afternoon - safe bet it will soon be pissing down yet again!

Here are a couple of photos I took today:



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Sometimes it's so bad here I wonder if kids will ever know what a real sky, clouds especially, looks like.

Sometimes I wonder if kids see sky if it's not on their phones!

Ha, this is true!

Surely they are abnormies!

(prob too subtle that one!)

Have you taken any samples?

No - we are guessing there are chemicals to cause rain, chemicals to make people sick, and lots of graphine oxide because they love that crap...


You think they've stopped dumping morgellons? maybe too much info was coming out. GO can easily come from car exhausts, so can claim "not guilty".

Today is good Friday - a public holiday for pilots too - the sky is crystal clear

Here the air stinks - and we're on holiday too (not Easter)

Been overcast and rainy for 3 days here but it's come to be the norm so can't even see the chemtrails. I thought I'd be away from that nonsense here but have seen a chemtrail right above my house. Gonna build me a cloudbuster.
OMG I love that pic BTW!! The colours are amazeballs.

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That was the view from our back yard yesterday - i'll post some pics of the garden we are building very soon

oh goody, more food growing I assume. Not boring lawns and unproductive flower beds.

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Yes it will hopefully be food producing, all going well

Do normies ever look up?

More importantly ....
Do trannies ever look down ?
Questions, questions....

Trannies have a website dedicated to looking down - "How to TUCK"


...and only you, would ever actually know this ! lol.......but thanks.....might be vital .

I keep wondering what it does to their is messing with my head

That's nothing - imagine what it does to their nuts !

I'll sort out that signature onyour teacher pic tomorrow.

You do realize the spice girls are all trannies?

is that techy speak for 'I'll find it for you '?...cheers if you can !

Well , obviously they are all trannies - even the one I know..

you know lots of trannies but they are fooling you with their tight tucking....


This is in Russia 3 days ago.

Planes here go in straight lines mostly - tight turns are a bit advanced

Yeah, while they are telling people that they are kind of helping them, and they need the war to support the sovereignty, they poison people at the same time. I always write that both sides aren't doing good for people. All politicians are against citizens, in all over the world. They all work together showing to us that they are fighting.

No good at all, thankfully we haven't seen any chemtrailing in my area for about a week now. They must be focusing on a different area now.

They seem to like to cause floods at the moment

I've never seen any here - but maybe I never look up...Mmmmmmm....

I have, but only here in the shithole city - and the localtards think it is a rainmaking miracle.

Well, it is songkran !

You've never seen chemtrails in NZ?! I just tried to find stats on covid in NZ, and it seems you had almost none until recently. Coincidence?

I never have, no.
But then again - I've never been their , either ! lolol
(I'm living in SE Asia).

he isnt in NZ ;-)

Oh! Thanks.

He went to Aus once but thinks kiwis are all sheep shaggers.

But he's wrong, some are not.

Chemtrails were not common until about three years ago, they were there, but not all the time.

All the nz stats on corona are fake, but with an 80% jab rate, now nearly everyone in nz says they have it...a clown show

I dunno at what point turning the ignition key creates a spark.
Maybe faulty cells.

Are you a tranny?

lol- I'm not looking down, so I can neither confirm or deny