Old Vítkov Tunnel

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@sk1920 led me to the idea of ​​introducing several Prague tunnels. This is The Old Vítkov Tunnel.
This tunnel leads under the Žižkov tunnel, which I wrote about last time. While the Žižkov tunnel was intended for pedestrians, the Old Vítkov tunnel was intended for trains.
The Vítkov tunnel was put into operation in 1873 and trains ran through it until 2008. In that year it was replaced by two other tunnels.
(second entrance to the tunnel) The closure of the tunnel was originally considered. But in the end, in the years 2008-2010, it was transformed into a cycle path and a pedestrian path. You will also meet skateboards, roller skates ...
I think it's probably the most expensive indoor bike path in Prague. But the land and buildings around the abolished line were undoubtedly very valuable. Who knows, Prague councilors finally decided on a bike path ...

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