An Intellectual No-Fly Zone: Online Censorship of Ukraine Dissent Is Becoming the New Norm

in censorship •  last month 

Google has sent a warning shot across the world, ominously informing media outlets, bloggers, and content creators that it will no longer tolerate certain opinions when it comes to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Earlier this month, Google AdSense sent a message to a myriad of publishers, including MintPress News, informing us that, “Due to the war in Ukraine, we will pause monetization of content that exploits, dismisses, or condones the war.” This content, it went on to say, “includes, but is not limited to, claims that imply victims are responsible for their own tragedy or similar instances of victim-blaming, such as claims that Ukraine is committing genocide or deliberately attacking its own citizens.”

An Intellectual No-Fly Zone: Online Censorship of Ukraine Dissent Is Becoming the New Norm

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Everyone should just stop using Goeggel's DNS servers.

The Tzar used to censor the Bolsheviks, then the Bolsheviks censored everybody.

Goeggel (and Microshite) are not your friends.

I wasn't even able to open this article in my Chrome Browser! I normally use Firefox, but for some reason lately, I am not able to use the posting feature for Blurt. I click on the pencil icon, and the page doesn't load, so I have to go over to Chrome in order to post on Blurt (thank goodness the same doesn't happen with comments). I tried Brave, but it doesn't work well on my computer. I need to seriously start looking into Linux for OS, and TOR for browser, as Big Tech is totally out of control! 🤬🙈

Watched a great video about a week ago... erm... I think was on Linux, but I loved the guy's mantra = There is no Cloud, it's just someone else's computer!
Something I've said for years.
Clouds have a habit of... evaporating.

I use Tor a lot. But sites can vanish if their DNS entry is wiped. It's like your postal address has been wiped while the house is still there - you get zero post! lol.

neoLuddites Wanted!

not anti-science, not anti-tech - just anti-technocracy.
(more accurately a technopathocracy, but that's such a long word! lol)

Yeah, I'm the same; I respect and appreciate science and technology, but not the abuse of it, nor the rendering it pseudo.

What always hinders me from changing is what we here in Italy call "la forza dell’abitudine" which as you know means "the force of habit"! I have been on Windows, Android, Chrome and Firefox for years, and although I could easily change the Browser, the OS is not doable without a clean, new computer to play around and experiment with. But I have continued to see these kinds of articles for years now, so the thought remains that eventually I'll need to shift away from this Big Tech control and surveillance.