BYT Rewards This Week 37.2% APR Paid

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The BYT reward distribution has been done. Again, a little early, but it is Monday here and the market was rather static.

Headline rewards = 37.2% APR

A significant increase from last week's 29.4% APR.

Full post and details in a few hours.

Time to stock up for next week!

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What funds the program? Curation rewards?

posts, curation, currency management

Can I get a bit of info on currency management?

like what?

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Great News… shared with 300 million people on Twitter.

Wow… that’s fantastic. I just bought some more BYT on … I need more …

Thanks, man, yeah, a bit higher than I expected!
The HIVE/BLURT rate has also eased off, which helped - anyway, will explain in the full post later.