Key to be happy😊, watch your down

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Be happy with positive thinking about our life & goal. We can't really value our life because we never think What we have, we only think what we don't have that is case we to be sad.


We are working hard for what we do not have. For example, when we were studying, we had a dream that will pass our SSC exam, but when we passed our target change to HSC. Same we when we passed we target for BSC. that is way it keep moving.

Lets think about iPhone If I target the latest model somehow if i mange to but and we notice in the marke there are new model which one higher & better then mine! you will not feel to buy it? Just what will happen to you all the hard work & secrifice time to achive the goal. That is why there is no end to our demands. We need to make the right decisions so that they are appropriate when you want to be happy in life.

Lets talk about your privet car. Which car you have now if you want to be happy look down, i mean who have motorcycle among your friends naturally you are one step above. That will make you happy. One of its goals is positive neve negative. Suppose your house has four stories. Now if you notice people in the neighborhood whose house is three stories high, you must be a little ahead of them and you are not dissatisfied. In fact, you need to change.

I want to buy very expensive shoes and for that you are putting a lot of pressure on your parents to buy you to pay this price. It will give you endless happiness that you can buy happiness with money at any time. Happiness is a relative thing. It’s not here, not here at the moment. You may feel very happy after a while. Somehow you are different from others and you have a brain that is not like everyone else’s brain. You can do a job so beautifully that no one else can come near you, but you are best to do it for yourself.

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