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The battery has a lifespan of 3 years, depending on the manufacturer, but sometimes not intended it suddenly became weak and damaged due to different circumstances, for a reason we want to replace it and buy a new one, I recommend to buy on the reliable and original product to avoid further damage to your device.


  1. Battery swollen
  2. Battery drained easily
  3. LCD frame lifted


Tools Needed

  • Tweezer
  • Screw ★ 0.8
  • Screw + 1.5
  • Plastic picks
  • Sim Card ejector
  • iPhone 5s Brand new battery


  • Removed the sim tray by the sim tool ejector.


  • Fully turn off your device.


  • Remove the two screws at the bottom (encircled) by Screw ★ 0.8 tool.


  • Carefully lift the LCD frame by plastic pick tool.


  • Don't pull to hard, see the fingerprint scanner and home button flex (encircled) might be damaged if lifted too much.


  • Remove the metal frame of the fingerprint scanner and home button flex by tweezer, then carefully remove the connector.


  • Carefully lift the whole frame, now you will see the swollen battery.


  • Remove the two screw (encircled) by Screw + 1.5 tool.


  • Carefully remove the metal frame by tweezer.


  • Place the screw accordingly NOTE: do not swap or changed different screw slots, you must memorize where you take out the screw, when you bring it back, the screw must be placed to where it was taken.


  • Remove the battery connector with a plastic pick.


  • Remove the battery NOTE: original battery has an adhesive underneath be careful while removing.


  • After removing the old battery, now place the brand new battery.


  • You can turn it on to test if it is working, then fully turn it off and assemble it back, go with the procedure backward.


  • Notice that the LCD frame lift is gone and the battery runs ok now.


  • Enjoy your new battery for your iPhone 5s, NOTE: the old battery MUST follow the proper waste disposal.

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WARNING: Do at your own RISK, I am not responsible for any damage to your device if there is a hidden defect prior to the problem.

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