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Blurt is a great blockchain with nice people.
Unfortunately it is the case that you find more and more spam, plagiarism and selfie posts,
rather than interesting posts.
I often want to vote, but can't find any good posts.
And it's not just me.
Unfortunately, Blurt has had a lot of technical difficulties over the past few months.
Unfortunately, “Reblurt” (sharing posts) still doesn't work.
We lost a lot of people as a result.
At the moment Blurt is very cheap, so you can build something for the future.
But that only works if we all work together to create something that doesn't exist anywhere else.
Let's make the Blurt blockchain special!

Unfortunately, the world has become very superficial.
Lots of people are lonely, but everyone pretends
like everything is fine.
Let's become a really big, great community with "real" people.

My idea: let's change Blurt!

Show who you really are!
Tell us your stories!
Show us your village, your city, your country, your culture!
Tell us about your travels!
What are your hobbies?
What does your heart beat for?
Show us your art
play us your music!
Tell us your opinion!
(There are no downvotes here! You are free in your thoughts!)

That would make Blurt more interesting.
We would become more and more and connect more and more!
Let's make Blurt a very special blockchain!
It's in our hands!

I will put this post under as many comments as possible from other posts in the next few days, so that hopefully many will read it on this blockchain.
If you do that too, then we can reach many hundreds of people and some of you may think about it and post interesting things.
Let's be friends!
Let's get strong!

Get your stories, thoughts, dreams out!



We can do this,
but only if we all stick together and try a little to be different from the other blockchaines!
Let's throw superficiality overboard!

(A little hint:
In our small German community there is a pub here at Blurt every Sunday evening from 8 p.m., Central European time.
The host is @double-u.
There you can exchange ideas, there is a quiz, questions about Blurt are answered and you can make friends.
In the meantime people from Venezuela, Canada, India, Austria, England etc. are joining them.
You are welcome!)


(Copy the link to this post and enter it as a comment in as many other posts as possible.
And then let's see if our community can't create something special!
Anyway, I'm curious!)




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Great, getting a lot of tips, will curate one new post with all tips collected for beginners. Myself a beginner but a week older now.

Thanks for inviting me. I'd love to see Blurt go to the moon. I am still here and hope the best for the community.

What a lovely post, great ideas and I really can feel your enthousiasm!
BLURT to the moon!

Thank you!


Hold on to your seats,…. Buckle up. Blurt is ready for Lift off. 🚀 Moon

Nach so langer Abwesenheit ist Dein Post das Erste was ich lese.

Sehr motivierend und gut und einfach erklärt. Wenn wir da alle mit machen und daran glauben haben wir eine Change es annders und besser zu machen.

After such a long absence, your post is the first thing I read.

Very motivating and well and simply explained. If we all do it and believe in it, we have a change to do it differently and better.

LG Michael

Danke Dir!
Wir haben uns schon gefragt, ob bei dir alles o.k. ist.
Soweit ist es schon gekommen...wenn jemand untertaucht, machen sich die anderen direkt Sorgen und forschen woanders nach, ob es Lebenszeichen gibt....
Ich hoffe, es geht dir gut!

Blurt is beautiful in many ways.

Good evening, I have been slow to respond to this post mainly because I wanted to read the comments of other users to get their opinion on the matter. I want to say thank you for encouraging this little discussion on the direction Blurt may be heading at this time or for some time now. Here are my impressions:

  • I don't like the content of just one photo, and I say that without holding anything in my heart, it's not something I would support and I would do so only if its author expresses his impressions about that content he posts. It is true that many live a hectic life, but there are people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer looking for content to read, to enrich themselves as people so I disagree with the fact that only short content is desired. In reality if a publication is well elaborated there will be people who can pay attention to it. Proof of this we are here because it is a topic that has been written with a lot of energy and users are attracted to the topic. The same can happen with a photo if you just talk more about the author or his experience, the same happens with food.

  • It is notorious that there are a number of farmers who are dedicated to make many publications a day, if that is not wrong because we decide whether to vote for them or not, the important point is that it seems that everyone knows who do farming, shit posting but there is no way to penalize them, as they are the only ones who apparently feel happy about the state of the platform.

  • I don't vote valuable content as I did months ago, if I check a tag I only find selfies without any text, if that is considered real people, I wonder what we share in common? in reality real content connects with people by the experiences we transmit, even if it is in a rude way.

  • Short content vs long content? vote for the one you like the most, and the one you feel comfortable with.

  • Blurt needs more development, a spam list and above all a better direction in order to be attractive to other users. I don't think we can achieve that just by posting pictures.

People are different and have different preferences.
If we are for freedom and tolerance, then we have to accept that too.
But it is up to all of us to create something on the blockchain that is special and different from other blockchains.
We can exchange ideas across borders and who knows what can result from it.
I think it's a nice atmosphere here on Blurt.
Yes, there has already been an argument here, but that is part of being human; this is the only way we can reflect and grow about our views and those of others.

Totally agree.

BYT token and blog is launching.
I hope this will help the BLURT price and also plan to design some more interesting contests.

Blurt is headed for the moon. 🤬 🚀 🌙

the moon also has a dark side

Yes, that is true
and money (unfortunately) rules the world
But I hope the bright side will win here!

This is a fantastic post, I am very pleased to see your passion for Blurt. Your passion seems infectious as well, because people are responding positively with excitement and hope.

At one point Blurt became a bit stagnant, I then launched the #Instablurt curation initiative and saw people return to Blurt and the tag explode with content from 2 to 3 per day to so many that it takes me a 45 min sitting vote them all. I do think I can improve on curation in that tag, I have been very lenient to keep the tag growing and voted for pretty much every real person photo except for masked ones and photos with kids (to not encourage exploitation of kids for votes).

I have noticed some of the posts are the same style, it portrait selfie, same pose no smile or anything special, elevator mirror selfies, phone covering half of face etc. Those I will not be voting in future, I think the best example of the use of the #instablurt tag is @yakubenko, she not only shares beautiful photos of herself, but also of her art, hobbies and locations of interest in her country.

The stark reality is that long format posts are not the common social media norm, we need to embrace shorter form content. Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook all have short form posts, Tiktok has short videos and society is drawn to that, most people in their busy lives don't have time to write posts with lots of content and on the flip side, consumers of content don't have time to read long text posts, so a happy medium is what we are looking for.

My belief is that people want to see other real people, they don't want to see anon names and esoteric ramblings, real pictures and videos of real people with bring more real people. Facebook became popular as a university contact book because students liked to see who was single and who was in a relationship and with whom, hence the relationship feature made FB very popular.

I do think Blurt is a place for all types of content and I encourage each one of you to vote for content you like to see.

Thanks again for your motivational post and look forward to more great things from you to help get Blurt to the moon!

Thanks very much!
It's not about the length of the posts or showing someone a selfie photo.
When it comes to photography, it can only be a photo. For example, I find the Black & White photography challenge very interesting.
The question is, what are we doing here on Blurt?
Do we need a second Instagram?
It would be nice if we could be something special.
I know this is difficult .....
I had my own trip with @yakubenko.
I became aware of her through her art and I followed her.
When I saw her selfies every day, I removed her from my feed.
She once asked in a post what we would like to see from her.
I wrote to her: the art ...
Then she posted Selies with her art in her hands ...
When she repeated selfies that she had posted weeks before, I pressed the mute button with a heavy heart.
She is a totally sweet, pretty young woman, but I don't feel like seeing a selfie of her sometimes three times a day. But it is very clear to me that the male world sees it differently and that is of course completely ok. so. Like many other women, she serves sexual fantasies and at least earns money with it. On other platforms you only get self-affirmation in the form of likes.
Basically I find it terrible that many women mainly define themselves by their appearance and still want to be the sexy bunny for men.
And the beauty craze drives disgusting flowers when 16-year-old girls want to go to the beauty doctor.
And older people, meanwhile more and more men, have exactly what makes them cut out of their faces or injected with them. Think e.g. of Meg Ryan and many others.
What a sick society !!
I would like Blurt to be different from other blockchains.
Of course there should be something for everyone.
A couple of sexy men who sweeten the day would not be bad either ...

But it is very clear to me that the male world sees it differently and that is of course completely ok

To clarify, not all men. I don't upvote such posts, and find that women who do this in my opinion are denigrating themselves that their most valuable commodity is their sexual appeal. To further my thoughts on it, I find it insulting as well in real life. It bespeaks an idea that men are stupid slaves to their sex drive and easily manipulated. When I see women cheapen themselves (in my opinion), or as they say in politically correct world become empowered by trying to be sexually provocative, I avoid as much interaction with these women as possible. As well as a growing number of men who see through the illusion and what costs are really associated with such a presentation.

Narcissism isn't the end of the problem, it is the seedling that sprouts like a weed and creates many problems.

I could go on, but I've probably said to much, lol. Just needed to clarify that it isn't men who are primarily driving this. It's a tool (in my opinion) women use to control men, and as I said, I find it insulting as a man.

Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.
Of course, not all men are like that.
I have the best example by my side ... my husband.
And otherwise I can only fully agree.
However, some women do not do this to manipulate men, they want favors and believe that this is the way to go.
I know a lot of women who pretend to be sexy on the net, but in real life they are a totally different type and far from behaving like that ....

Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.

Thank you. I wasn't deeply offended due to the source (yourself). I know it's a misconception/stereotype about men, rooted in some basis of truth as stereotypes are.

Sadly I think many women misunderstand as well that while men will wish to have sex with them if they are like this, most men would not want a relationship with them. It implies that the woman who is like this will not be loyal or care, and will always be looking to trade up for what they consider a better deal. Which is what we see happening more in society, as well as the so called players (men) who use this to their advantage and use and discard these women as they do the men. Such a waste of time and creation of distrust and wounds to the soul.

However, some women do not do this to manipulate men, they want favors and believe that this is the way to go.

Those favors they seek by exhibiting this behavior is exactly a strong form of manipulation.

I know a lot of women who pretend to be sexy on the net, but in real life they are a totally different type and far from behaving like that

What I'm hearing from men here in the U.S. is that many women on the net will utilize a dual strategy. Using it as a switch and bait on the majority of men who don't excite them but are good for favors, and for the very few men who excite them they will give them exactly what they presented. I'm so glad I was never huge on that whole dance. I've always been in long term relationships in my life, was never one for the whole dating scene and all the ups and downs of such. Such a waste to build foundations on sand that will quickly be washed away.

Sexual energy is a powerful force, one that can add a great quality to ones life. If it is tied to something deeper, that involves loyalty and caring and true partnership between the two. It's perhaps one of the most sacred energies we have, and the way it has been cheapened is saddening. Especially here in the U.S. with all the casualties it produces in children born with both economic and emotional handicaps.

I have the best example by my side ... my husband.

Your story with your husband is one that captivates. You don't discuss him really, and I understand that, I don't discuss my partner either. Not our place, if they wanted to they would share. I often say one can also read others by what they don't say. You honor him in your conduct, a testament to both of you.

But, your travels together, the adventures. The way you both devote your time and energy to a cause you discovered while adventuring together.

So many travel pictures I see are little more than photo opportunities folks seem to take to make others envious, like they were the star of the photo in front of the grand place behind them. Your photos/videos have such life in them, always seeking to convey the gestalt of the area, not a narcissistic photo op.

I said a lot to say I wasn't offended by you because I feel your sincerity in presentation. It is one of honor, seeing through the illusions and proper conduct accordingly. I spoke up to combat the broader view that so many have that all men are easily corrupted because they are slaves to their genitalia. I know many can be, just as many women will make those men their prey. But not all of us, men or women, are like this.

Yes, there are also many who are not like that.
Here are more and more people who only want to enter into "friendship plus ".
So they are kind of a couple, they also have sex, but the relationship is without obligations.
It doesn't always work because sometimes one of them falls in love with the other ...
A lot of people get into these kinds of relationships, but I don't think most people get along with it.
In the end, most of them want someone close to their heart with whom they want to share their life ...

Thanks for chiming in. Like I said I have seen it put new life into the system also so I am not being critical in the least just dreaming of that happy medium.

It is true, but I also saw other people go away...

Many new people joining.

This is a spectacular publication and it is true that we need to be different from others, support each other and enjoy while we share content, it must be interesting content, something to talk about. We also need to comment on others' posts and not just be brief, let's make the people who join Blurt feel good and support each other their content. Blurt is a tight-knit community that has endured many adversities since it was born and yet people are still here, believing in this, having faith in this, moving things forward, being positive about the future of Blurt, that is important. We are all a team and if we all go in the same direction, I have no doubt that Blurt will be a success. Many people haven't realized what a jewel of a platform Blurt is and what a great future it has. Avoiding spam is also important and for people to be able to grow those posts from just a photo and no text, I would like to see more text and development in the posts. I would like to see diverse content, to have to vote. And thus make the community grow. Greetings.


Logo of the Blurt. ¡Promote Blurt! 🤬

Blurt is beautiful

Yeah, this is great!

What blurt needs is communities, that will make things a lot better. Being able to sort things by what you desire to read about most will be highly beneficial.

I mean true communities like Steem and Hive have. Ones where I can create my own and mute people/posts I don't like and don't belong. Ones where they have stats on how many posts they have and how much is pending in rewards on them. Those are just regular tags with no moderation.

I understand your message here and I understand your concern. I have also seen your links to this post around and I think that you have strategically placed them on some posts that need a little help.

As I have been curating #blurtafrica I have noticed some newer trends and I am a little concerned about it. I try to leave some polite questions and comments to try and get a little more out of people and push them to do the right thing. What I see that concerns me is single pictures with very little interpretation or none and very little change from similar posts. There are also the posts that are outright repeats of previous posts, recycled from about a month or 3 weeks back. I have called these out where I have seen them, along with any blatant plagiarism. I have never got a response on any of these comments though.

I wasn't sure where or how to have this conversation but maybe this would be a good place to bring in this aspect too. I love the motivation and energy that @megadrive curation initiative #instablurt has brought from the #blurtafrica community. We have new posters, we have old posters that have returned again, and we have a lot more personality and every day life showing through. I understand very much what you have gone for with this curation drive and the effects are working it is becoming and looking more like social media that the mainstream is more attracted to. But it has gone to an extreme with some of these posts, and I think the reward divide between some of these pots and others is staggering. As an example the last curation report for the community I did got a total vote of about 300 (160 of that being my vote). Where a single selfie in the same same community can get between 400-600 with 4 votes. Like I said I love the vim that this is bringing to community and I understand the stake drives and shapes where the community goes in terms of votes and economics. But can we take it too far? Like I said too I am finding that some of these posts getting high rewards in instablurt category are also getting recycled. I have given warnings to people but are you also wanting to be aware of these @megadrive?

I think we need to find a little ground between growth and driving blurt mainstream and also creating some real value within a community. As I saw this trend I also noted in my last curation report (mentioned above) that I will be reducing my percentage of upvote to these low effort posts to 25 percent, I will still vote because I think that this level of putting a face to people in blurt and personalization is also important. But with the same pictures and some interpretation or something interesting related to Africa under the #blurtafrica tag will get a vote of 50 percent. I was also trying to give incentive to more depth in posts in the community, and I hope over time the economics of it will drive posters in that direction, just like the economics of posting a selfie have driven pots in that direction. Maybe we will be able to meet in the middle somewhere and have posts like instagram with some great written insight or something shared in that way too.

Maybe I need to visit the pub sometime and these are the type of things that are talked about there. I will have to find a way of making that a priority on a Sunday evening.

I replied to this main post, it covers what you commented above. Have a look and see. Cheers.

Thank you very much for your nice posts and for your commitment.
Yes, it's difficult when someone gets more for a selfie than for a nice post ...
You can find it everywhere and at Steemit it was driven to the point of perversion. People posted an emoji and made a lot of money through bots. Either Blurt will drift in this direction at some point, or we will manage to create something really beautiful with added value!
We'll see it in the future ...

Here is a perfect positive example from someone who put some thought into her post. She profited from the #instablurt tag but she posted with a voice, and a tie to her African culture and that is what I am looking for under the #blurtafrica tag. And what I mean in finding that balance between the attraction to posting a selfie and posting something with more depth. A good example of why I know that @megadrive is on the right path also.

Yes, exactly!!

I also wish that blurt touches the height of the moon soon.we are all together...
Thank you

Blurt and it's community is very special to me.

I'm hoping to see blurt replace twitter in the future. We are in a long haul to accomplish this goal, but we are moving to the right direction.

I personally upvote (manually) original content, local/vacation pictures and interesting stories. Keep this rolling,

Blurt power continue.

Blurt is beautiful … #blurtlove

For me, too, Blurt and its community are very special.
It's the only blockchain that I enjoy!
Thank you for all!

I will be adding this link to my comments once my vote power is recharged. Thank you so much for caring enough to speak out and ask for better from the community. Clearly most of what takes place here hasn't been working, and in no way can a lot of this blame be laid upon the foundation.

There seems to be a sharp division over quality when this subject is brought up, and I believe many are missing the larger picture in their short term views. And no amount of their posting from multiple accounts changes the fact that if others find the posts to be engaging, they will engage. The expectation overall seems to be of not expecting anything engaging and doing the minimum necessary to collect those coins. Which results ultimately in a minimum value seen on the coin as most place harvesting over the quality.

I'm off now to deal with some of this division I mention.

Thank you for caring about Blurt. We can make this work and show why Blurt is the best social blockchain.

You are also one of the most motivated persons here!
Thank you too!

I do see the pub posts by @double-u but I'm yet to understand exactly how to participate so I just upvote and move on
I don't know if you can explain how the pub works briefly

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

It is very easy. Every sunday at 8 pm he start a post and that is the beginning of the pub.
So people can communicate with eachother..At 9./10 and 11 pm @double-u makes a quiz-question. The winner gets upvotes. This is much fun!
You are welcome!

OK I will try it out on Sunday
Thanks for the information

We see how important reblogging is to spread the best posts - even before they get high votes and to encourage better blogs.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Blurt has the best original Artwork and Artists anywhere on the internet.

It is not like that, but maybe in future....

Blurt is awesome. The best place to blog anywhere. It will soon be over $1

We need better content and more people on the blockchain.
And we need to be different from others!

Absolutely. Better content is always better.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

I think Blurt is already very special, it has the best art, photography, crypto news, and kindest people anywhere …

It is not like this, but it could be!!!

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I never knew thoughts like this exists around here but it's quite relieving to see this one today. Let's keep sharing!

Thank you!

You're welcome.

It is full of responsibility. In which it is difficult to connect all of them together. But before doing every work one has to face the difficulty. I got to learn a lot here. We work together. So you can reach a good height. Everyone gets that success. thank you for having me

Yes, but we are many and we have power!