How to increase brain power

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The use of the brain is one of the most important things in every human being. This part of the human body is used in every function of the human body. The use of the brain is a thing that allows people in this world to sort out their plans, take their own steps in every task, in any situation they can use their brains to save themselves from that problem, Engaging in bad deeds is involving them in bad deeds



Memory is a great human resource. Without this energy man is equal to inert matter. The tendency to lose memory is seen more with age. You can see that older people have a lot more use of memory than younger people. An older person can successfully complete the amount of thinking he uses and a younger person can finish that task very quickly through the use of thinking power and brain. It is currently affecting even the youngest. Some people say, 'I don't remember reading so much', while others say, 'I have less intelligence so I didn't get good results'. The reason is low memory. These are the kinds of problems we face and do we start to master these problems and create all sorts of thoughts in us that don't really go with us?

We always try hard to solve this problem. Scientists are also more concerned about these issues because everyone wants their thinking to be multiplied so that they can use their thinking power properly for a long time. At a young age it will have the power to think much stronger It will have the power to think much stronger than the old man and the skills to use

Now the question is, what is the way to get rid of it? Yes, there are many ways. We need to first understand where you can use your thinking power and your proper brain. We can use our brain intelligence by thinking about the information that has come to us as a result of scientific research.

The main cause of memory loss is mental stress. As much as it destroys temporary memory, too much stress destroys long-term memory. Due to which we do not have the ability to fix ourselves properly. We tend to forget many things. The tendency to forget increases day by day. Many things change in our life due to loss of memory. We cannot achieve success


The solution to heal yourself from this turmoil of the mind

To solve this problem of the mind, we have to follow some guidelines. Notably, we have to read a lot of books, listen to music and use the things we love in the right way. You need to do the things that make you happiest so that you can forget the fatigue that has created in you. Also, before you go to sleep or if you feel more stressed, calm down, close your eyes and take a deep breath. In this way, the blood circulation in the brain stays normal and keeps the brain active.

There is no substitute for food for brain health

Eating the right foods is essential to increase the performance of the brain. When it comes to food, we all know how much food our body needs. We all know that the main reason behind all the things that have been created in this world is that we spend all our money on food in this world. If there was no God in the food, we would not be able to see such a beautiful world. The main reason for such a beautiful world is that we are suffering so much in this world because of the beautiful food. Not everyone wants to be a criminal just to earn a living Everyone wants a beautiful life People choose crime to make a beautiful life beautiful and everyone is raised in a bad way

Only 20 percent of the sugar and energy we eat throughout the day enters our brain. The proper circulation of the brain depends on the level of glucose. So regular and healthy food is very necessary to increase the efficiency of the brain. As much as we can increase the efficiency of our brain through our food it can not be increased by any other means. Yes there are some rules that can increase the efficiency of the brain if you follow. There are some foods that will make your brain healthier and stronger.


  • Banana

Bananas are rich in magnesium and vitamin B, which help in nerve impulses transmission and keep the brain cool. This allows the brain to accumulate enough vitamins to store adequate energy, and the brain needs to eat plenty of bananas so that any decision can be made with a cool head and the right decision can be made.


  • Fish head and oil

As the saying goes, fish and fish heads are the food of the brain, that's right. Because, fish oil forms brain cells and reduces inflammation in the brain and protects the brain. In addition, fish oil contains omega-3, which is good for the brain. There are many people among us who do not eat fish heads without fish heads. There are many people who do not like to eat fish heads and fish oil is the next thing they think if they eat too much oil their health will be bad. Notable among these is fish oil


  • Heart

Meat liver contains iron and vitamin B, which are good for the brain. Also, various vegetables, spinach, various fruits, marine fish, nuts, oil seeds, beans etc. are beneficial for the brain.

  • Another way to increase memory is meditation.

As a result of meditation, our thoughts and stress are reduced a lot. As a result, there is no problem in remembering or remembering anything. Meditate regularly for at least 15 minutes every day before waking up in the morning and going to bed at night. Close your eyes and try to calm your mind with a long breath. You can reap the benefits within a week. This will take away the pain that is in your mind and will take away the pain in your mind because it will cause your brain to start forgetting the old memories that are starting to damage your mind and the things that are trying to destroy your brain. Can exclude from the brain


You need to develop the habit of exercising every day

We need to develop the habit of exercising every day. In fact, exercise is one of the most important things for the body and the role of exercise in keeping a brain active. As you know, the hippocampus in the brain works to retain the memory of the brain.

According to scientists, exercise reveals the memory of the brain along with the body and new cells are born in the brain. Exercise helps the hippocampus to become aroused and swollen and helps to retain memories. Again, regular cardiovascular exercise provides oxygen and glucose to the brain, which helps to increase efficiency. If you want to improve your memory, continue to exercise regularly in the morning or evening. But you have to keep in mind that there are some exercise guidelines that you have to master them properly so that you can use them properly in your brain. It is important to understand what you are taking in. Exercising will benefit your brain and body in the right way because of the brain that allows you to use your intellect.


You need to introduce yourself to something new

There is no man in this world who has no end of understanding and knowledge. Every man in this world has come for this education. No man can live long in this world without education or education. There is no end to education. If you can do research on what you know and understand, then a lot of things will change in your life. It will be possible to use the right one in your brain. Learn something new.

Challenge the brain by doing new things. In this way the power of the brain will increase. A: If you want to do a task with attention, your brain starts using it very vigorously by storing energy in it. When it starts doing this energy, its brain starts using it in a very important way. Which can increase your brain power


  • Draw pictures

  • Try to sing

  • Play any instrument or learn a foreign language.

This will increase memory. The new challenge will create an interest in learning something new in your brain and by doing these things your brain will get a new challenge that the channel will help you to fulfill.

There are also many things you can do. Notably, some of our most popular games right now are:

  • Brain game

Play Brain Games Leave the smart games on the smart phone and play Brain Games. Even if it doesn't feel good, it helps to improve memory. Play chess to sustain brain performance.

  • Solve crosswords.

According to a study, such games protect against dementia.

Adequate amounts of sleep Sleep is highly effective in enhancing memory. Go to bed early every night and wake up early in the morning. Try to sleep between 9pm and 10pm. Sleep for 8 hours according to the rules.

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