Changing yourself over time

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Changing yourself over time

As the saying goes, people rot when they die, change when they live. Changes in the morning, changes in the afternoon — changes for reasons, changes for no reason. This change is not to blame. You all have to change yourself over time. We all know that it is not possible to change your life if you keep pace with the times.


This flowing current of time helps people to become transformed through change, proof of which is myself. Am I the one in 2012 and the one in 2021? There was a time when I could not imagine without you. I thought, if he ever changes for any reason, I can't change myself. Now I don't forget, I don't think about you, I don't even remember. Now I understand that people are once blinded by the emotion of love. The reality is hard to accept at that time. But people can only love if they have emotions. Emotional love may not be exactly love. Emotions become worthless over time. If you accept it, you can be happy in your long life.

Happiness can be found only by adapting to the reality of life. I'm fine today. Over time, I have been able to change my mind to an emotionless reality. I think this is the biggest achievement of my life. There is no point in underestimating one's life by loving someone. Love life.

You have to change yourself in time to change your life

How do you know when it's time to make a big difference in your life? Life itself will tell you time. But that requires a little attention. What are those symptoms? Let's not, let's find out todawell

What are the symptoms that you have created in you that you can't present in front of everyone at the right time to give the right information at the right time in front of everyone? You will not find in any of the joys of working according to your symptoms you understand. In every area of ​​life you have to work with concentration. Being focused is one thing without which no work can be completed successfully in order to work successfully. Need mentality, accurate information and love of work


When the mind does not want the daily tasks, the mind wants not to do the tasks

Why go to the office, study? Why do you eat and drink on time every day? Why do you do the things that you do every day? Why do you take a bath? Why do you do these physical exercises? You want to start a new day. Want to move forward.

I can't anymore. Not wanting to do any work! What will you do that day? Do such days come often in your life?

It is normal for all people in this world to be upset. This is a very common thing that we have to obey and we obey. Usually, when we are upset. There are many kinds of information about depression. There are many scientists in this world who have provided information on such bad things. There are many researches on this bad subject but in this world the sad thing is among all of us when someone is upset about something. No one knows what changes his mindset from thinking

However, if you are upset every day, it becomes a cause for concern. Why are you upset? Choose how many things you do for yourself in a day, and how much you do for others. It is normal for every person to change their mindset by cooperating with others. You help other people to improve your mindset. You will see that your mind will automatically get better. Also what you can do for yourself is what makes your mind feel better. You need to know in yourself what qualities you have and what qualities you can use to change your mind. You need to understand what makes you happy if you want to keep your mind well

At some point in life you need to be a little selfish about yourself. And that one is you. Life is beautiful if it can be used properly The success of life is actually due respect to one's work and the value of one's life as much as you can and using it properly at the right time In fact the tendency to despair among all of us There are so many changes in life that we have to face a lot of losses.

If I can change myself in the midst of so many things, if I can create something in myself that will make my life and my mind feel good, because of which everyone will respect me and I will be able to present myself in front of everyone to keep my mind good. I can cooperate with everyone

If you want, you can't change yourself in a hurry, it takes a lot of time. You have to change yourself gradually, you have to take the challenge step by step. Today I will share many things on how to change yourself. I gave this answer to Kora in Bengali. It is very rarely future in Kora To and this answer has been promoted on social media by Kora community.

I slept at night, woke up in the morning and then I said I have changed, is it really possible? If you really want to change yourself, then first of all you have to give yourself time.

Some of the most important changes in your life are enough to make your life beautiful

  • Stop wasting time

The value of time is infinite. Nothing can be compared to anything at any time. If the waste of time can be stopped from life, then you can manage yourself in the right way in life. You can put yourself in the right place. Can't bring so use at the right place at the right time

  • You need to understand how much time you spend on social media at the present time

Avoid using social media All media is a thing that will reassure you of an addiction that will bring a lot of danger to your life to manage yourself in the next time which you can never bring back if you want The amount of time you spend on social media, if you put it to good use, is where you can tell your life right. Social media is something that makes you addicted.

  • Create a regular routine every day

A routine life of our life If you don't follow the routine rules then you have to manage your life in the right way. In your 24 hours of life, if you manage the routine in 24 hours, then your life will become the best. A system can change your life If you manage your life in between, you will see that this beautiful life will become more beautiful, so there is a certain rule in every work because you have to manage life at this moment.

  • Go to bed early and wake up as soon as possible

Sleep is a very important thing for the human body. The role of sleep is for every human being. Without perfect sleep, a person cannot arrange his life in this world. Whether it is because of your sleep problems, sleep removes your physical and mental worries and if you don't sleep early, you will see many problems in your body and if you wake up too early, you will see various problems in your body, so it makes life beautiful. To understand this, you must pay attention to sleep. Depending on how much sleep you need, you can take your life to the next level. The role of sleep in arranging life is invaluable.

  • The small things in life need to change

You need to realize that changing things in your life will not cause any problems in your life and if you do not remove some things from your life then you will understand what problems you will face because there are good things that can change your life and many more. There are bad aspects that exist in you but if you do not remove them from your life you will not be able to understand your life in a beautiful way. You have to take every step to get rid of the bad deeds and take the good deeds. Change the habits that are causing you problems. Why keep the habits in your life? Demand

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