...you are never too old to do it

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We went out for a walk this morning.
Today the city was invaded by runners. More than 15,000 popular and professional athletes have participated in the largest sporting event, except soccer and basketball, in the city, the Barcelona Marathon.
4 years have passed since I ran my last marathon... it is a long time for a running madman like me but unfortunately and due to both work and family obligations, I have not been able to run any more marathon to date.
I have to say that every time I contemplate a race like this, I feel a crazy desire to go back to marathon training and set a clear goal for myself.
However, I am aware that what I must do first is to go back to a more solid training routine, then go back to competing in shorter distances in which I enjoy a lot and, later, why not, go back to running a marathon independently of age, you are never too old to do it.


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