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In light of Hillary Clinton's statements just a few moments ago, we can assure that the crypto world is beginning to harm traditional dollar-based economic systems.
So much so that the famous politician believes that the dollar is in great danger in front of the BITCOIN boom.
In particular, he has defined BITCOIN as a Scam:

"Bitcoin just seems like a scam ... I don't like it because it is another currency competing against the dollar ... I want the dollar to be the currency of the world, that is what I have always said."


These kinds of statements usually bring consequences normally from the regulatory part, trying to "put doors to the forest", however, the Forest continues to grow and those doors will end up giving way to the pressure that is stronger every day.
We lack very few steps to defeat the traditional system, the largest of them will be reached when BITCOIN is accepted by a large part of the population as a means of direct payment, for this there is still some time but it will come and involve a change in general mentality, things will not be measured in dollars but in satoshis.
Some of us understood it a long time ago, the important thing in the long term will not be the amount of dollars (or Tether) you have but the amount of Satoshis you have...

I am not BITCOIN Maximalist by default, I just believe that if there is an opportunity to defeat the traditional economic system and make it fairer for everyone, it must go through the general acceptance that BITCOIN is the way. Obviously, many improvements, such as the recent Taproot upgrade, will make this possible but we need more time ...
Just thinking loudly...


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