Arsenal can't forget Wenger

in blurtsport •  2 months ago 


Arsenal can't ever forget Arsene Wenger, that old man really tried his possible best as a coach and manager that can manage little money to get affordable players that would play good match for him. He scouts, despite of his scouts and cheap players, he still make the top 4 in premier league

Ardene wenger shouldn't be sacked, Arsenal should just think about retaining him and make him and making him player scout instead of sacking him completely. I think this is the time Arsenal need the man most. He would never be in support of buying cost players

The two players that Arsene Wenger bought at high prices are Alexis Sanchez and Mezuit Ozil. This man can manage little money and get high rate in profit. He's like an economist, not just a coach and he's the best coach in promoting young footballers

It's a big shame on Arsenal as they won't perform in any UEFA activities this season and it rare to happen when Wenger was still the manager despite the fact that he don't spend too much but we hope Mikel Arteta try his possible best to return Arsenal back to where they always be

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