Preach for any race

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The news casters would do their own work in others to makes sales but you should be the one to be careful with what you say because you don't know what the future holds for you, especially the footballers and coaches. What you say may not be have effect today, it may happen in the future

Years ago, Paul Pogba was asked if he can play at Paris Saint German (PSG) so he said never, because his parents are Marseilles fans. Marseille and Paris Saint German are direct foe in football, even despite the fact that PSG has surpass them in almost everything, Marseille still have loosing against PSG

As Pogba refuse to extend his stay at Manchester United, Manchester United as announced his asking price. Juventus and PSG has show interest and PSG have the money to pay him more than Juventus but PSG fans has put a banner in front of PSG field, warning Pogba to listen to his mother and this is due to what he said years back

Although fans don't have power over club management but if a club management do what fans don't want, it could lead to loss for the club because fans may not come to watch their match and they may not buy Jersey and if fans don't buy jersey, no sponsor would come for the club to partner with them

Clubs cannot survive without fans but if Paul Labile Pogba apologize, they may just forgive him but if that didn't happen, maybe he would better stay at Manchester United or go back to Juventus

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