Tottenham Hotspur (2) vs Manchester City (0) Recap

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Tottenham vs Manchester City was the biggest fixture this week after the long break. This was a big game and as such a lot of anticipation on the game. Immediately after the Chelsea match against Newcastle, it was time for the main fixture of the week.

As a big match, it was expected to be a good game of football and it didn’t disappoint as I really enjoyed the game. Tottenham Hotspur are having a very good season at the moment and are top of the premier league table at least for the time being until Liverpool play against Leicester City.

Manchester City are having a very bad season at the moment, one of their worst start to a premier league season since Pep was appointed as the manager of Manchester City. At the moment, City are finding it difficult and things arent looking great for them this season. At the moment, Manchester city are sitting 11th on the premier league table, drawn their last match and lost this one against Tottenham.

This match was a very good match to watch as we already know the history between these two managers which upped the status and anticipation of the match before the game even started. Both teams came with contrasting tactics.

Jose Mourinho tactics proved more effective as he got the win which was the target. He has always been known to achieve success in his second season like we have seen in the past, and from the way things are looking right now, it looks like he is heading to the right direction with Tottenham this season.

As expected, Manchester City had all the possessions and passes but werent able to hurt the solid and organized spurs side. Jose Mourinho came with a gameplan and that was to absorb all City’s threats and hit on the counter attack which worked effectively as they were able to exploit Man City’s week defence.

Son who has been in fine form so far gave Tottenham the lead inside 5 minutes into the game - a very cool finish to put Spurs in front. Man City were attacking, passing the ball around and trying to find a way through, but Spurs defended really well and were able to absorb all the City’s attacking threats.

Lo Celso who was brought in immediately made an impact by scoring the crucial second goal to give Tottenham the cushion lead and seal the win for Tottenham. This win now means that Spurs are now top of the premier league table at least for the mean time until the Liverpool match. At the end, it was a very good game as we look forward to yet another exciting premier league matches coming up tomorrow.

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