Manchester United vs Istanbul Basaksehir Preview

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The excitements oozing as champions league matches is here again. Manchester United fans would be excited for this fixture as they know that a win mean a lot to them and would put them even closer to achieving progress out of the group.

They would be looking to bounce back from their loss in their last match away at Istanbul and would be aiming to rectify things with a win at home.

Even though Manchester United lost to Istanbul Basaksehir away, they are expected to win this game at home which would put them on 9 points, meaning that if by any chance RB Leipzig wins at PSG, then they will be in an even stronger position to qualify.

Manchester United have been on fire in this competition so far this season, except for their last result which saw them go from 100 to 0 and making the group even more open and exciting.

Istanbul Basaksehir on the other hand gave themselves lifeline by beating Manchester United at home which gave them 3 points meaning that are still in the conversation to progress out of the group.

It is going to be a cracker of a match today at Old Trafford as I’m pretty sure Istanbul Basaksehir would be going into the game with full force to win.

This is a must-win game for them and I wouldn’t be surprised if they win against Manchester United at Old Trafford. I know a lot of people would be expecting Manchester United to win at home since they are the superior team, but they haven’t been playing that well of recent to have confidence that they can beat Istanbul Basaksehir, a team that they lost to in the first round.

For Istanbul Basaksehir, there is nothing to lose, so why not just throw everything in this game to try to win it, that way they gain more belief that they can progress out of the group that many though would be an impossible mission for them.

Manchester United would be very cautious in this game as they know that a loss could be disastrous for them. They are the ones that have everything thing to lose in this game.

In my opinion, I think Manchester United would go with a more conservative approach rather than all out. Istanbul Basaksehir are the ones that would be looking to go all out to get the win.

A win is all that matters for Istanbul Basaksehir, anything other than a win could mean game over for them. Above all, may the best team who deserves to win get all crucial 3 points.

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