Tokyo Olympics

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Well we were severely beaten by the Republic of Korea 6-0 in Tokyo and that cut short any idea of Honduras getting a medal in the Olympics this year, just as an FYI we have zero medals in all our Olympic history. We lost 6-0 to Korea, three penalties and one man sent off, I did not see the game so I can't comment on it, it was played on Wednesday morning at 02:30 am here and I had a trip today at 03:00 am, so I decided not to watch it, good thing I didn't either. Not meant as an excuse but COVID has played havoc with our football teams, every time we play there are three or four players in watching so we can't make a complete team. Well that is the story of this year so no need to cry.

We did have a bad image in this Olympics during a training game against the German squad, one of the German players of African descent alleged that he was insulted with racial epithets by a Honduran. I can't really vouch for what I am about to say but, listen, here in Honduras when a person is of African descent we call him Negro, Trigueno, Prieto or Moreno, a black guys calls people who are not of African descent Indio, which means descended at least partly from native Americans, nobody either black, mulato, mestizo or white gets upset being called this.

And as far as I have heard one of our guys called this German Negro (this was one of our black players) and the German felt insulted, now I am no racist (even though we have to agree, everyone has at least a little bit of racist in him, even if its just to make a joke), but I think that people are taking things too far, like the Mexican chant of Puto, when the goalkeeper of the opposing team kicks the ball, this is supposed to be homophobic. I think its just Mexicans trying to get the goalkeeper pissed off. And this one is quite difficult, Mexico is being fined and given ultimatums if their fans insist on this. How can you know it was Mexicans who shouted this if the game is played in USA? It could be a very smart group of Central Americans who want Mexico disqualified.

In any case apart from this, the Olympics seem to be doing Ok, sports is great, and I think we need these games right now, people need something to take their minds off of the bad things that are happening. This time I am rooting for Brazil in football and Djokovic in tennis, I am tired of always losing, and I think these two are sure winners.

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