Some of My Favorite Exercises and Ways to Keep Fit – Sports

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As far as exercising and keeping fit is concerned, for me, sports is the ultimate, most especially sports that involves physical exertion. Getting involved in sports has a lot of health and fitness benefits and that is why most athletes are always fit. I like sports a lot and for me, that is my favorite way of exercising and keeping fit. Sometimes it can be a little bit boring to do the regular type of exercise – but sports, you are having fun and exercising at the same time… Isn’t that awesome? – Of course it is. There is nothing better than getting benefits while having fun.

Playing sports is a huge passion of mine that is why I love sports. I play a couple of fun sports… not professionally but just as a hobby. Like I have already talked about in some of my previous posts, I play quite a number of sports. I enjoy badminton a lot - which is my favorite, I like tennis (don’t play is that much though – but I like it as it is a bit similar to badminton)… I like volleyball a lot… I like football, I like table tennis (like I talked about in my previous post, table tennis is my favorite indoor sport)… I like running and a few others… playing any of these sports isn’t only fun, but a great way to exercise and keep fit. That is the beauty of sports – you have fun and keep fit at the same time. These sports are also very good aerobic exercise as well.

Back in the days, I don’t joke with my favorite sports, right now, I don’t play these sports like I used to back in the days, but I still try to once in a while. It is very important to get involved in one sport or the other as it is very beneficial. Among the list of sports I mentioned above, I will have to say badminton is my favorite – I can play badminton all day without getting tired at all – and I really mean it. Badminton is so fun to play… anyone who plays badminton would tell you how fun it is to play. In my opinion, it is one of the most fun sports. Another sport that comes close for me is table tennis… I love this sport with passion… it is for me my favorite indoor sports… yes badminton can be played indoors, but it is mostly played outdoor. Table tennis is another very fun sports to play if you know how to play it. To end this, I will have to say, the health and fitness benefits of sports can never be overemphasized… it is one of the best ways to exercise and keep fit.

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