Is football the Sport With the Most Die-Hard and Passionate Fans?

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This is a question that just popped up in my mind when I saw some football fans talking and arguing about football and the teams they support and it brought my memories way back in I think 2008 where a friend of mine who was a Chelsea fan cried when his team lost to Manchester United in the champions league final. It was funny to me because that was the first time I saw someone shed real tears because of a football match and it got me thinking… these players get paid whether they win or lose, so for me, it was weird that someone would cry for a mere sport. Listening to some of the football fans arguing about their teams brought back those memories and it got me thinking… is football the sport with the most die-hard fans?...

If you ask me, I would say probably because I haven’t really seen any other sport fan that is as emotional and passionate about their favorite sport as football/soccer fans. Maybe because most of my friends are all football fans. In my opinion, I think football is actually the sport with the most passionate fans… you see that during games, most especially during important competitions like the champions league or cup finals. A lot of football fans I have met can do anything for the club they support… that says a lot. So if I am to pick a sport with the most die-hard and passionate fans, I would definitely go with football because it has shown me enough to believe that it is the sport with the most passionate fans.

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