The Tyranny Tango Quickening

in blurtshorts •  2 months ago 

The Tyranny Tango. You know the rhythm: slow - slow - quick - quick - slow.

The quick-steps are there for the tyrants to tighten the tourniquet while the sleepwokers are more relaxed.

The tyrants know that if millions of people were truly awake, truly cognizant of their reality, then they could unleash retribution. I mean, who would consciously imprison themselves? Really?

Breaking: FDA gives full approval to COVID vaccines; no public hearing; no transparency; no open review of vaccine data by Jon Rappoport

The quickening; with each bar they should be able to enslave a few more million "people" - maybe billions.

There is something very deeply wrong with humans - an extinction level stupidity founded on believing. All we are left with is evil believers and useless believers.

ecce homo: homo fidelis

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