Ride cars will be produced in the country from next year.

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Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun has said that for the first time from next year, 'Made in Bangladesh' cars will be launched. He made the remarks after a meeting with Japanese Ambassador Naoki Ito.


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The Minister said, "The Automobile Industry Development Policy-2020 will be finalized very soon." We will start making cars in Bangladesh from next year. '
The state-owned company Pragati Industries Limited will start manufacturing cars with the technical assistance of Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan.

In a meeting with the Minister, the Japanese Ambassador said that other Japanese automobile entrepreneurs, including Mitsubishi Corporation, are "interested in increasing investment in Bangladesh".
The Industries Minister said, 'He (Naoki Ito) said that Japan will provide technical assistance for the production of Bangladesh's own brand of automobiles.He also proposed to help develop the vendor industry related to the automobile and light engineering industry in Bangladesh and to set up an automobile testing and research institute in Bangladesh.


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Noting that the Ministry of Industry has already formulated a plan for the development of other industries including the automotive industry, he added, "This action plan will make a significant contribution to attracting foreign direct investment (FDI)."

Regarding the various benefits of domestic car production, the minister said the price of foreign cars in Bangladesh is higher due to import duty. But if the car is made in the country, its price will go down. People will be able to buy cars at affordable prices. If the country produces its own brand of cars, there will be no shortage of buyers.


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