80cc Best Five Motorcycles in Bangladesh.

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We have received requests from many of our Bike BD fans, visitors and many people to write articles on low cc or 60 cc bikes so that they understand which 60 cc bike is best for our country and personal needs. That's fine. Today we have presented you with a list of 5 80cc bikes. Let's see which of these bikes is best for you.

Runner Bike RT 80cc

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Currently the most affordable 80cc bike in our country is this Runner RT which is a new product of Runner Company. The bike has come to the market instead of Runner Durant. The exterior beauty of the bike is much better or better than other bikes of this level. The bike has a stylish oil tank, tank kit and attractive head and rear lights.
The bike comes with a USB charger and a support clamp which is an exceptional feature. The bike has a telescopic double acting suspension on the front and a five-step adjustable rear shock absorber on the rear. These suspensions will give the biker less of a jolt while riding the bike and help in a hassle-free travel experience.

Roadmaster Prime 80cc

Until recently, this bike was the cheapest bike in our country but now this bike is the second lowest bike. This bike also has some exceptional features. The bike has a long seat and nice head and rear lights. The gear indicator is in the middle of the meter design. The bike also comes with a self starter, alloy wheels and a mobile phone charger.This bike is also capable of carrying 8 liters of fuel where 1 liter is reserved. It weighs 7.5 kg and has a 4-step gearbox. It has telescopic suspension on the front and twin-spring loaded suspension on the rear. According to the company, the bike has a mileage of 75 kilometers per liter. So this bike is a package of beautiful look, fuel efficient, comfortable and durability.

Victor-R V80 Xpress

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The Victor-R V60 Express is the best looking bike among the 60cc bikes. Although this bike is an 80cc bike but its look and design can be effortlessly compared to a 100/110cc bike. The bike has a muscular masculine look.At the same time, its stylish headlights and rear lights add to the beauty. The fuel carrying capacity of the bike is 9 liters and according to the information provided by the company, this bike is capable of giving 60 km mileage. The bike weighs 60 kilograms and has a powerful bumper that helps it convert a variety of large damage into small damage. It has a self start and 4 step gearbox.

Runner AD80S Deluxe

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This bike of Runner Company has been sold in large quantities all over Bangladesh. Spare parts of the bike are also well available all over the country. This bike also has a nice out look and at the same time its speeding ability is relatively good. The bike uses beautiful headlights and rear lights.The bike has a long comfortable seat. Alloy wheels have been installed on both sides. The bike's exhaust pipe is also painted solid which enhances its beauty. The runner company has informed that the bike will save all these features as well as good fuel.

Honda CD80

There is nothing new to say about the Honda company. Another name for the dependence and loyalty of our country's bike market is "Honda". The company is so popular in our country that many people in the country use the name "Honda" as a synonym or synonym for bike. Honda Company has won the hearts of bikers in our country with the durability, performance and manufacturing quality of their products.

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