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Dodge Charger may be a Muscle Car created by the Chrysler company within its Dodge division. Born in 1964, little by little he became a benchmark for fast and fast cars of the time. one among the foremost famous models is that the one from 1969 which has appeared in countless movies and tv series. Among the foremost famous films we immediately think about Fast and also the Furius, but the movie that gave him fame and protagonist was Bullit which starred Steve Maqueen and contains a chase scene that involves a Ford Mustang GT 390 and a Charger RT 69 of Black color along the point of entry Bay.


The Dodge Charger is synonymous with strength and speed, it's one amongst the foremost loved cars by Muscle Car fans, it's considered one amongst the cars with the most effective design and appearance. it's been reissued in recent years so as to overcome the general public who hear about this legend, one in every of the strengths of this renewal or reissue is that, although some lines of the initial design are maintained, all the remainder contains elements and also the latest technology . generation. it had been immediately a worldwide bestseller.


The Dodge Charger remains in time together of the simplest editions made for a Muscle Car sports car. it's been famous again because of Hollywood films that have paid tribute like Fast and therefore the Furius or as television series like the Dukes of Hazzard who made General Lee famous. Either because you saw it in an exceedingly specialized magazine, because you've got seen it in movies, this sports car falls loving with the optic with lines that are only cherish the harmful curves of a girl. This car is that the dream of anyone who wants to hit the streets at high speeds.

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