Blurt Tip: Power up your Blurt and upvote good Blurt Bloggers

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Here is a Tip to all the New Blurt Bloggers.

Power up your Blurt to Blurt Power (leave about 100 Blurt in liquid Blurt for small fees)

The More Blurt Power you have the more value your Upvote is Worth.

The trick to earning massive amounts of Blurt crypto is through Curation.

Upvote about 10 good Blurt Blog posts a day and you earn 50% of what you give.

The more you give the more you get.

You can buy more Blurt on or and send to Blurt to power up and earn more from Curation. Send your Blurt from to @blurtlink with your Blurt username in memo.

Use the correct hashtags on your blurt blog posts and you earn more blurt.

#blurtmusic for music
#blurtart for Art
#blurtphoto for photography
#instablurt for selfies + stories, etc
#blurtlife for longer stories about your life
#blurtafrica for posts from Africa
#blurtIndia for posts from India

Others ? Include below ….


Buy 1,000,000 Blurt for 7,000 Hive = $ 5,180 USD


Buy Blurt on :


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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That 100 blurt for fees is the protip. I had some issues initially until you kindly helped me out on that one. Thanks offgrid!

Another tip is to make meaningful comments so that other users know you exist - just posting isn't enough for most newbies

This is a huge one. It's a social network. You need to be social.

You'll gather way more followers by commenting and engaging with other people's posts.

This is so true blurtmob. Everyone loves some lively interaction

Very True … good comment.

Thanks for the tips, I am still getting the idea of how blurt worka and power. Got about 700+ blurt power now waiting for 7 days period to see how it works 😀

You will see your Blurtpower grow quickly with good Curation… upvoting other blogger’s good posts and leaving good comments.

Thanks for another tip, will keep a balance of both going