It’s very easy to get to 1 Million Blurt !

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It’s very easy to get to 1 Million Blurt.

If you buy only 2,740 Blurt every day ( $13 ) you will have over 1 Million Blurt in less than a year.

2739.7260274 * 365 = 1,000,000


Buy Blurt… Power up…. Earn more Blurt from Curation.

Once you get to 1 Million Blurt Power you will be earning much more Blurt every day from Curation.

You can create your own Blurt Curation Project with a simple #hashtag

Like beer ? Create #blurtbeer

Like hockey ? Create #blurthockey

Like Science ? Create #blurtscience

This is the chance of a life time to build something around your interests.

Your passions.

You can create whatever you want and encourage people to write posts about things you are interested in.

Maybe you will find your Tribe.


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Share some with me hehe xD

I share every day with upvotes… and post shared on Twitter

Lol maybe a #blurttech but I am short of funds... 😂

Thanks for the advice @blurtlove. I will try to the best of my ability. I'm sure of Blurt's future.