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FEATURED POSTS: November 25, 2021

POST:'Stupid Cupid' - My versïon 😅

I had fun singing this jolly song tonight while I was waiting for my kids to finish brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed.

POST:A Glass Full Of Different Ingredients Halo-Halo A Filipino Dessert
CONTENT:Filipino Dessert-Food blog

When it comes to Filipino desserts, Halo-Halo is probably the first thing that springs to mind. It's the best dessert to beat the heat of the summer season for Halo-halo is made of crushed ice mixed with a variety of fruits being sliced into smaller sizes. When translated to English Halo-halo means "mix" as it literally translates the dessert full of different ingredients.


POST:Our New Feeding Mission in the Countryside which is really very Adventure
CONTENT:Volunteerism-Feeding Program

Today I will share with you all our latest Act of Kindness Event that we do every month, our Feeding Mission for the Kids Philippines that we are conducting today in the countryside.

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